Gulf Cartel Gunmen Arrested for Deadly Ambush of Mexican Federales

Photo: Reuters

Four gunmen with the Gulf Cartel are facing federal charges in connection with the murder of a police officer during a deadly ambush earlier this year.

The four gunmen were arrested recently along the highway that connects the border city of Matamoros with Ciudad Victoria near the town of Valle Hermoso information released to Breitbart Texas by Mexico’s Attorney General’s Office revealed.

Mexican federal police officers patrolling the area spotted a pickup without license plates along the highway and tried to pull them over.

The gunmen fired at police and sped off and pulled into a dirt road in an effort to flee but ended up getting stuck in mud. During the arrest, authorities seized three AR-15 rifles and an AK-47 rifle with various ammunition magazines.

Once in custody, Mexican authorities questioned them and learned that one of the gunmen had been part of a hit squad that had ambushed and murdered a federal police officer in July. According to the information provided by the PGR, the gunmen identified themselves as members of the Gulf Cartel.

Breitbart Texas had initially reported on the ambush in the Cartel Chronicles with a series of graphic crime scene photos.

In that attack, two Mexican federal police officers were patrolling the area near San Fernando, located about 70 miles south of the U.S. -Mexico Border, when two SUV’s filled with gunmen rammed their vehicle as part of an ambush. One officer was killed in the attack. His partner managed to get cover in the brush and fight off the attack.

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