Coach Accused of Orchestrating Attack on Referee Resigns

Hit on Ref
Photo: ESPN Video Screenshot

An assistant football coach resigned and two students have been transferred to an alternative school following the attack on a football referee during a game.

The coach is also temporarily banned from coaching in any other sanctioned sporting event in Texas. The students will miss the rest of this season and face other punishments.

John Jay High School assistant football coach Mack Breed resigned his position from the school district, according to a report by ESPN’s John Barr. By resigning, Breed avoided a schedule appearance before a meeting of the University Interscholastic League (UIL), Texas’ governing body for interscholastic activities.

The UIL, in turn, has banned Breed from coaching any UIL sanctioned activity at least until the next scheduled meeting of the organization next month, according to Time-Warner Cable News.

Breed resigned after allegedly admitting he told the two players to make the ref pay for the racial comments claimed by John Jay players.

Breed’s attorney, James Reeves, told the San Antonio Express-News that he never really intended for the players to hit the ref. Reeves issued the following statement on Breed’s behalf:

Some people are unfairly blaming one man, Mack Breed, for everything that happened at that game. Mack Breed has spent three agonizing weeks contemplating his future since the fateful football game in which two players struck a referee. It has been a difficult road for Mack as he has stood silently watching the spectacle. He has replayed that game in his mind many times wondering how it all went wrong.

The players, Victor Rojas and Michael Moreno, said Breed told them to make the ref pay for bad calls and using racial slurs against the some of their team’s minority players. The game official, Robert Watts, denies the racial slurs.

Watts and the players also did not testify before the UIL meeting. Watts has revealed, through public statements, that he suffered a concussion and several other injuries.

The school district assigned two players to an alternative school for 75 days, ESPN reported. Having received credit for the time they have already spent in the alternative school, the boys are eligible to return to John Jay High School when the spring semester begins in January.

Moreno’s high school football days are over as he is a senior and will miss the remainder of the football season. The school district banned Rojas, a sophomore, from participating in football during his junior year. The district banned both boys from even watching their school play football.

There has not yet been an indication as to whether the players or the coach will face criminal charges in connection with the attack on Watts.

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