Governor Greg Abbott Calls Cowboys Defense ‘More Porous Than the Texas Border’

C.J. Spiller
The Associated Press

Texas Governor Greg Abbott once again took to Twitter to comment on America’s Team, blaming the Dallas Cowboys’ 26-20 loss to the New Orleans Saints on a defense more penetrable than his state’s southern border.

The state’s executive tweeted that the Cowboys defense on Sunday was “more porous than the Texas border.” As of Sunday the team now leads the NFC East in most points against with 101 in four games.

Sports Day Beta reported that Dallas’ offense wasn’t too good, either. The team rushed for 115 yards against the NFL’s 28th-ranked defense—and 61 of those yards came in their opening drive.

To add insult to an injury-cursed 2015 campaign, the Cowboys who already lost quarterback Tony Romo and wide receiver Dez Bryant, may be down another key player. Sunday, back-up running back Lance Dunbar injured his left knee on the second half opening kickoff and sat for the remainder of the game.

The Cowboys, by allowing C.J. Spiller to scamper 80-yards for a touchdown after receiving a pass from an injured Drew Brees, enter Week Five with a 2-2 record and in a tie with the Giants and the Redskins in the NFC East.

Perhaps one of Governor Abbott’s previous tweets about the Cowboys should have been heeded. The governor tweeted in September after Romo blew out his shoulder that the team might consider bringing Heisman Trophy-winner and ex-NFL quarterback Tim Tebow into the fold. The Cowboys are o-2 this season with Romo replacement Brandon Weeden starting at quarterback.