Michigan Man Shoots Sheriff’s Deputy with Crossbow After Assaulting Neighbor with Pitchfork

MSP Lt - Deputy Shot with Crossbow - Fox17 Video shot
Photo: Fox17 Video Screenshot

While being served with an arrest warrant in Michigan, the suspect opened fire on police with a crossbow. The shot wounded a deputy sheriff who was there to serve the arrest warrant on the man wanted for felonious assault. A Michigan State Trooper returned fire striking and killing the suspect.

Law enforcement officers from the Montcalm County Sheriff’s Office, the Lakeview Police Department and the Michigan State Police (MSP) were on scene late Friday night to assist in the serving of the arrest warrant against a 40-year-old man, according to the Daily News in Lakeview, Michigan. He was wanted by police on a charge of felonious assault.

The officers were in the process of serving the arrest warrant in a township located outside the town of Lakeview when the suspect fired a crossbow at them. The sheriff’s deputy was struck and was later flown by Aero Med transport to a hospital in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He was struck in the side, according to a WOODTV.com report.

A Michigan State Trooper returned fire with his service pistol. He struck the suspect at least one time. The suspect died at the scene.

A witness to the shooting, neighbor Kevin Shultz told MLive.com reporter John Tunison “I saw a little shuffling by the officers, then ‘bang, bang, bang.’”

“I thought I could see a cop drop, then I saw muzzle fire,” Schultz told the reporter. He did not seem surprised that the incident turned out this way. “He said if they come up to my house, they aren’t taking me alive,” he recalled from speaking with his neighbor. Shultz identified the neighbor as Travis Lee Quay.

MLive reports on the wild day that led to the shootings:

Kevin and Tim Schultz said their troubles with the neighbor began about 7:30 a.m. Friday when he came to their house and accused them of stealing his marijuana. Kevin Schultz said the neighbor appeared drunk.

Later the same morning, the neighbor came back and pulled out what appeared to be a hunting knife in the presence of Tim Schultz and his 3-year-old granddaughter.

“He pulled it out right on me and my grandchild. He was standing here yelling,” Tim Schultz said.

Schultz grabbed a shotgun and ordered the neighbor to leave.

At some point during the morning, the neighbor also threatened to burn their house down and was standing on his property with a gas can in hand, the Schultz’s claimed.

Tim Schultz’s adult son, who is the father of the 3-year-old, later went to the neighbor’s property to confront him.

The neighbor stabbed him in the arm with a pitchfork. The injury required a tetanus shot.

It was then that police were notified. Officers stopped once in the afternoon, but the neighbor was gone.

Police came back late Friday, however, when they learned he had returned. That’s when he fired the crossbow.

“This is an unfortunate, tragic situation, but certainly highlights the dangers that our law enforcement officers face everyday,” MSP Lt. Rob Davis told the WOODTV reporter. “In terms of our policy, obviously, an officer that reasonably believes that there’s eminent danger of death or bodily harm has the right to defend himself or others.”

The suspect leaves behind a wife and and two daughters. The daughters are ages 10 and 20. “It’s sad because of his little girl,” Kevin Schultz said. “I guess it could have ended differently, but he made it like this.”

The Deputy is listed in stable condition. He is recovering from surgery at the Spectrum Health Butterworth hospital in Grand Rapids. Policy permits officers to point or discharge a firearm in self-defense or defense of another when he or she reasonably believes there is imminent danger of death or great bodily harm.

Investigators from the 6th District Special Investigations Section of the Michigan State police will conduct the inquiry into the shooting. That investigation is currently underway.

“The State Police in Michigan are required to follow strict guidelines,” Lt. Commander Kevin Sweeney told the Daily News.

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