Fan Shot in the Head Outside Patriots-Cowboys Game

AT&T Stadium AP

Police in Arlington, Texas, arrested a suspect in a shooting outside of AT&T Stadium on Sunday. An eyewitness claims a crowd encouraged the shooter to fire.

The shooting stemmed from a fight in the parking lot after the Cowboys-Patriots game. The cause of the initial altercation remains a mystery. The Texas Rangers hosted the Toronto Blue Jays at nearby Globe Life Park. The home teams lost both contests.

One witness says the alleged perpetrator held a gun to his head before shooting another man. “I didn’t think he was going to pull the trigger,” Lester Peters told the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. The perpetrator shot the victim in the head.

A helicopter transported the victim to a local hospital. The suspect, who injured his leg allegedly attempting to flee, also received medical attention at a local hospital after his arrest.

A police spokesman told the Dallas Morning News that the suspect and the victim “might have been tailgating for a while.” reports that police believe that the men possibly spent the game in the parking lot rather than inside the stadium. The shooting occurred two hours after the Patriots defeated the Cowboys 30-6.

The victim remains in critical condition at posting time.