Gulf Cartel Attacks Mexican Federal Building near Texas Border

policia federal
Mexican Federal Police

REYNOSA, Tamaulipas — Gulf Cartel gunmen stormed the headquarters of Mexico’s Attorney General’s Office in this border city knocking down the front gate and shooting up the building before making their getaway.

The attack took place Monday early morning when various gunmen in two SUV’s rammed the door of the building and then fired their weapons. No one was injured, information provided to Breitbart Texas by Mexico’s Attorney General’s Office revealed.

The brazenness of the attack led the public in this city to initially believe that it may have been a rescue attempt. As reported by Breitbart Texas several times this year, cartel gunmen have caused chaos in order to carry out rescue attempts whenever their leaders are captured.

Rumors of the capture of Juan Manuel “Toro” Loisa Salinas began to spread. Tamaulipas law enforcement officials claimed the rumors were not true. Loisa Salinas is the current leader of the Los Metros faction of the Gulf Cartel which operates  in this border city. Despite his role as a leader, several other commanders have begun to position themselves in order to replace Toro after his eventual fall.

As reported by Breitbart Texas, authorities have spent several months hunting down the elusive Loisa Salinas who has managed to flee and other times bribe his way out of a jail cell. The ongoing hunt has led to an escalation of violence and bad blood between various cells within the Gulf Cartel and law enforcement.

During a recent clash, Gulf Cartel forces managed to ambush a military vehicle making it crash into a taco stand. The crash killed four individuals including a young baby. Several other patrons were injured. Rather than accept responsibility for the victims, the Toro hung a series of banners throughout the city blaming the Mexican military, Breitbart Texas reported.

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