Texas GOP Debate Kicks Off with Immigration Discussion

Photo Courtesy: Texas State Senator Paul Bettencourt

HOUSTON, Texas — Candidates in the Houston GOP Presidential Debate came out of the gate firing on illegal immigration. All eyes focused on Donald Trump and allegations of his hiring of illegal aliens and paying fines.

Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio joined forces to attack the GOP front runner, Donald Trump. Cruz said that while he was leading the fight against illegal immigration during his 2012 Senate campaign, Donald Trump was firing Dennis Rodman on Celebrity Apprentice.

The fight between the three candidates continued for several minutes with Trump responding with accusations of his own.

Trump said that Cruz led the battle for amnesty, a charge Cruz quickly rebutted.

Dr. Carson weighed in with a plan that many would call amnesty. He called for illegal aliens to register, pass a background check, pay a fine and then get legal residence. He said they should not be able to get citizenship or vote.

Despite claims by Mexico that they would not “pay for the f’ing wall,” Trump said they would indeed pay for the wall and it just got ten feet taller. He said Mexico will pay for the wall and threatened a trade war if they don’t. “I don’t mind a trade war when we are losing.”

Rubio: “If you build the wall the way you built Trump Tower, you will be building it with illegal alien labor.”

Rubio then attack Trump on exporting jobs to other countries for his clothing line.

Telemundo asked about Rubio’s pledge to stop Obama’s deferred action program. Rubio said the program has to end sometime, and he will end it when he takes office. “DACA is an executive order that is unconstitutional and I will cancel it on my first day in office,” he firmly said.

Cruz responded to Rubio saying that Rubio would not end the program immediately. He said Rubio would phase out DACA which is what Rubio described.

Cruz and Rubio joined forces again on the issue of being Hispanic and conservative. Both said they can win the support of Hispanic voters despite strong support of immigration and border security issues.

Trump was attacked by Telemundo’s claim that he cannot win the Hispanic vote. Trump responded that he won 44 percent of Hispanic voters and he is winning in other polls of Hispanic voters.

Bob Price is a senior political news contributor for Breitbart Texas and a member of the original Breitbart Texas team. Follow him on Twitter @BobPriceBBTX