Texans Reject Rubio: Marco Limps Out with Only 3 Delegates

GOP 2016 Rubio
AP File Photo/David Goldman

Texans soundly rejected the campaign of Marco Rubio who limped out of the Lone Star State with only three delegates compared to 104 for Ted Cruz and 48 for Donald Trump. Rubio received none of Texas’ 48 At Large statewide GOP delegates.

Despite the Florida senator’s promises to do well in the Texas GOP primary, Rubio was only able to pull one delegate in each of three congressional district races. He picked up one delegate in Houston (CD 7) , one in El Paso (CD 16), and one district in north Dallas (CD 32).

The At Large delegates selected in statewide voting were distributed between Cruz, with 30 delegates, and Trump with 17. Senator Cruz won two congressional districts with a majority vote and received all three delegates in those districts. Those districts were: the first congressional district, the seat held by Tea Party favorite Louie Gohmert; and the 29th congressional district, a seat held by Democrat Gene Green.

The total delegate count, according to the Texas Secretary of State’s website, is 104 delegates for Cruz, 48 for Trump, and 3 for Rubio.

As the dust settles on Super Tuesday’s massive primary election day, Trump takes a lead of ninety delegates over Cruz, according to Politico.com. However, Politico’s numbers for Texas are not complete as they only show 135 of Texas’ 155 delegates having been awarded. The accuracy of their other delegate counts has not been verified. They show Trump with 316 delegates, Cruz with 226 and Rubio with 106. Kasich and Carson have 25 and 8 delegates respectively.

In addition to winning Texas, Cruz also secured first place victories in neighboring Oklahoma and Texas’ geographic rival, Alaska. In the giant state of Alaska, Cruz won 12 delegates, Trump won 11 and Rubio pulled 5, Politico reported.

In Oklahoma, Cruz won 14 delegates compared to 12 and 11 for Trump and Rubio.

Despite finishing in third place in Georgia behind Trump and Rubio, Cruz pulled more delegates from the Peach State than did Rubio. Georgia awarded 40 delgates to Trump, 18 to Cruz and 14 to Rubio. Again, these numbers are from Politico.

During a speech at his rally in Houston, Cruz told the nation that he is the only candidate that has beaten Trump in a primary (this was prior to the announcement of Rubio’s Minnesota win). He now has four state victories. Rubio’s only victory came on the Super Tueday caucus in Minnesota. But even there, Rubio only won one more delegate than Cruz. Minnesota awarded 14 to Rubio, 13 to Cruz and 10 to Trump.

Bob Price is a senior political news contributor for Breitbart Texas and a member of the original Breitbart Texas team. He is also a Life Member of the NRA. Follow him on Twitter @BobPriceBBTX.