Baby Beavers Rescued from East Texas Flood

Baby Beavers Rescued
Photo: NBC5DFW Video Screenshot

Three baby beavers were rescued from the massive flooding occurring in East Texas along the Sabine River.

Lingering rains caused flooding along the river that is the border between Texas and Louisiana. That flooding shut down the Interstate 10 corridor for several days and forced the evacuation of homes and businesses in the region. In the midst of this, volunteers with the Animal Rehabilitation Center in Flint, Texas, were able to rescue three one-week-old baby beavers, NBCDFW reported on Friday afternoon.

The video below shows the babies, now named Chainsaw, Buzz and Chopper, in their new digs where they will be nurtured to maturity when they will be released back into the wild. Volunteer stated the process will take about two years.

The beavers were so young when they were found, they still had their umbilical chords attached. It is estimated the three babies were about two-days-old when they were discovered.

Flooding in the area caused the shutdown of one of the nation’s major east-west corridors with the closing of Interstate 10 at the Texas-Louisiana border. The highway, along with many other roads, was shutdown for several days causing massive delays for both commercial trucking and people traveling on Spring Break.

Officials also reported U.S. 190 was re-opened, the Houston Chronicle reported on Friday. State Highways 12 and 63 remain closed.

More thunderstorms moved through the area on Friday evening, but it does not appear they dropped enough rain to cause more flooding. That rain has now moved off to the east, mostly over the Gulf of Mexico, weather radar indicated on Saturday morning. Forecasts call for mostly clear conditions over the next several days that should allow flooding to continue to subside.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) predicts moderate flood risks for the western Louisiana/eastern Texas region over the remainder of the Spring season.

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