Mexican Cops Fired Over Cameo in Music Video Depicting Rape, Murder

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Three Mexican cops have been fired for having made a cameo appearance in a Narco-music video that has caused an uproar in Mexico over its content. The video shows a love triangle gone wrong where the main character murders his rival, kidnaps and rapes his love interest before placing her in the trunk of a luxury vehicle and setting the car on fire. 

The music video to the song “Fuiste Mia” by Narco-music singer Gerardo Ortiz was uploaded to YouTube two months ago but had barely made shockwaves in Mexico until women’s rights activist began to call for the video to be censored. The video now has more than 21,300,000 views, with 130,000 likes and 26,500 unlikes.

On Tuesday, Pablo Lemus Navarro, the mayor of Zapopan Jalisco issued a news release and went on twitter to announce that he had not authorized the use of police vehicles in the video. He said that three police officers from his city had been fired for having appeared in the controversial video. Lemus Navarro stated that his government had filed a complaint with the Jalisco Attorney General’s Office on the charge of “apology of crime” or promoting criminal activity.

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The video shows Ortiz inside a luxurious home with a scantly dressed brunette in a series of sexually charged scenes. The woman is then seen talking on the phone and then the singer walks in on her and another man in bed. The singer pulls out a handgun from a drawer and shoots the other man in the forehead before tying up the woman an appearing to sexually abuse her.

Various Mexican police vehicles are seen driving up to the luxurious home. A squad of officers is seen entering the residence with their weapons pointed forward. Despite the police presence, the singer was able to get away and is seen torching the vehicle before walking away with a smirk.

Despite the video having been online for more than two months, it was not until this week that news outlets in that country began to report on the controversy. The move resulted in Mexico’s Secretary of the Interior voicing his disapproval of the video earlier this week, Mexico’s Reforma reported.

Gerardo Ortiz has become a popular singer in the narco-corrido genre where most of his songs deal with the exploits of Mexican drug lords like Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman and others.

While the video does not specify if the singer portrays a drug lord, in Mexico firearm laws make the possession of handguns almost impossible resulting in cartel members and authorities being the ones with access to firearms.

In 2011, Gerardo Ortiz was the target of an assassination attempt in the Mexican state of Colima. His cousin and his driver were killed in the attack, Mexico’s El Universal reported at the time.

In 2015, a shootout took place during a performance by Gerardo Ortiz in Texcoco Mexico, no injuries or arrest were reported at the time. Just one year before, a concert goer also fired shots during one of Ortiz’s events.