West Texas Congressional Candidate Steps Up to Champion Border Patrol Agents’ Cause

Glen Robertson with Border Patrol Agent Hector Garza on Border
Brandon Darby

A West Texas congressional candidate has stepped up with perhaps the boldest statement of support for Border Patrol agents in history and offered specific metrics to guarantee he keeps his promise to the men and women who risk their lives to protect our borders. The Texas District-19 candidate, Glen Robertson, is also the mayor of Lubbock, Texas.

The statement, offered in full, is provided below:

Texas-19 Congressional Candidate Glen Robertson Vows to Fight for Border Patrol Agents and Support the National Border Patrol Council: ‘There Must Be a Revolution in How We Treat Border Patrol Agents’

“So many politicians are now claiming to support a secured border. In Texas, they almost have to say that. Virtually no one is willing to prove it before they get into office. I think I found a way to do just that. I want to give a huge megaphone to the actual Border Patrol agents who defend our borders and put them in a position to hold me accountable if I don’t fight for them tooth and nail as I’m promising on my honor to do.”

“The actual Border Patrol agents should sit at the head of the policy-making table. That’s not what’s happening now. Politically-appointed bureaucrats in Border Patrol management and in Customs and Border Protection, their parent agency, tell the American people one thing and it seems to be what President Obama wants the narrative to be, not the information and actual numbers the Border Patrol agents are reporting to their superiors.”

“As federal agents, the men and women in the Border Patrol have no way to sound the alarm about the dangers they are encountering or the risks that exist for the public from many stretches of our nearly 2,000-mile Southwest border with Mexico.”

“The National Border Patrol Council is the only voice those agents have to defend themselves and each other from open-borders political forces and mainstream media that seems intent on finding every possible fault with the agents and rarely reports about the untold numbers of lives those very agents save.”

“It was the National Border Patrol Council who fought for Agent Javier Vega, an agent who was killed by illegal aliens. The union fought to honor and bring attention to Border Patrol agent Robert Rosas after he was brutally murdered by illegal aliens who jumped a small, insufficient border fence and lured, trapped, and killed him. That union has been the voice and the defender of those who risk their lives to protect our borders.”

If I’m elected, the Border Patrol agents, through the National Border Patrol Council, will have direct 24/7 access to me. The border security policies I fight for will reflect the expertise and advice I receive from them. They will have an advocate like never before and I will honor them to the best of my abilities. Not only will I support the legislation the Border Patrol agents say they need, I will introduce and fight for legislation they say they need.

Maybe its because I’m from West Texas, from Lubbock, but it seems the solution is simple—the actual agents who risk their lives daily to secure our border should have the leading voice in determining what that border needs. It should go without saying that the National Border Patrol Council not only has a seat at the policy-making table, but they should be sitting at the head of that table.”