8 Gunned Down ‘Execution Style’ in Ohio

execution style murder
AP Photo/John Minchillo

At least eight members of a family including children and teenagers and have been executed in rural southern Ohio. Three young children including a newborn survived the ordeal.

The bodies of eight of the victims were found Friday in three separate homes in Pike County, information provided to Breitbart Texas by the Ohio Attorney General’s Office revealed.

Other information provided by Ohio authorities confirmed that the victims were five adults and two juveniles who were shot to death. The body of an eight person was found later on at a separate location. That victim has not been identified.

“This is not an active shooter situation, however no arrests have been made,” a prepared statement revealed. “The investigation is in its very early stages and authorities are still trying to determine a motive, identify the deceased and determine if the gunman is among the deceased individuals or on the loose.”

Since that statement from the Ohio AG, Fox News is reporting that one or more shooters is believed to be on the run. They are said to be “armed and dangerous, according to investigators in Ohio. They have also updated information on the deceased to be seven adults and one 16-year-old boy.

Ohio Governor and Presidential Candidate John Kasich took to twitter to express his shock at the news “Reports we are receiving from Peebles are tragic beyond comprehension.”

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine told reporters Friday afternoon that the family’s last name is Rhoden. He did not release any first names but added, “If I were a member of that family, I would be extra cautious right now,” Fox News reported.

The infant child that survived the attack was found in a bed next to its mother, according to Pike County Sheriff Charles Reader.

The homes of the family members was said to be spread out over about a mile and a half — three on the same street. There are currently at least four separate crime scenes.

NOTE: This article has been updated with new information about this developing situation.

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