Pro-Hillary Feminist Accuses Trump Supporter of Using Big Boobs to Promote Fascism (VIDEO)

Cassandra Fairbanks Trump Boobs
Image: @CassandraRules

A prominent social justice warrior and Bernie Sanders supporter announced that she has decided to support Donald Trump for president in a YouTube video and a far left Hillary Clinton supporter accused her of using her boobs to promote fascism. The likely soon-to-be former leftist is named Cassandra Fairbanks and she ruffled the Hillary supporter with this video explanation of her support for Trump.

No sooner than Fairbanks posted the video and tweeted it out to her nearly 64,000 Twitter followers, attacks began to roll in. One admitted feminist Hillary supporter immediately set out to shame Fairbanks for using her boobs to promote fascism. That person, going by the name @RevMagdalen, previously admitted she was supporting Hillary Clinton because she was “concerned with dismantling the systemic oppression of Americans with vaginas.”

The radical then went on to accuse Fairbanks of using her boobs to promote fascism.

Twitter users from both sides of the political aisle expressed support for Fairbanks and her cleavage. Breitbart readers can view the entire exchange by checking out Cassandra Fairbanks’ Twitter.

UPDATE: The radical feminist Hillary supporter responded to this article by notifying an account claiming to be associated with the anonymous movement about the article, presumably seeking vengeance. The anonymous account has since stated that they are not a hacker and only promote social causes. The radical communicated to this writer via Twitter and stated that she was responding to the account, not initiating first contact.

UPDATE II: The radical contacted this author again and notified me that she was not angry and that she thinks the story is hilarious.

UPDATE III: The radical contacted this author via Twitter and informed me that she does not identify as a radical. She also felt that using the term “vengeance” was unfair because she does not see herself as a person to want vengeance.

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