Three Gunmen Storm House to Kidnap Child — In Dallas

Nicholas Fierros
Dallas Police

Three gunmen stormed a Dallas, Texas, home, restrained a woman and took a child at gunpoint. In response, Dallas Police have issued an Amber and are asking for the public’s help in locating the 10-year-old boy taken by the gunmen. Authorities are working to locate 10-year-old Nicholas Fierros Jr. and three unidentified black men who took at gunpoint him from a residence, said Deputy Dallas Police Chief Malik Aziz in during an online streamed news conference.

Shortly after 12:30 p.m. Dallas police received a 911 call about a home invasion robbery in the 800 block of Buick Avenue, Aziz said. 

“Three black males dressed completely in black had forcibly entered the home and were demanding money at gunpoint,” the deputy chief said during the conference.

The gunmen restrained a woman during the robbery while two other children hid inside the house. One of the children called 911.

“When the gunmen left the house they took Nicholas with them,” Aziz said. “The suspects left to an unknown location and by undetermined means.”

According to information obtained by Breitbart Texas from Dallas Police, authorities are working to recover Fierros unharmed and have been following various leads.

Dallas Police have not specified if the case is related to drug trafficking, gang activity, Mexican cartels or other type of crime that would lead to gunmen storming a house.

As Breitbart Texas has previously reported, home invasions are rather common near the Texas border where gunmen look too steal drug loads or cash from rival crews. The practice involves teams of rifle-carrying gunmen with ties to drug cartels, that ransack a house and flee before law enforcement arrives. The crimes tend to be limited to drug or human smuggling groups, however there have been times when the gunmen have stormed the wrong houses and have injured innocent victims.

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