Senator Compares Obama’s Iran Cash Payment to Actions of a Drug Cartel

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

A U.S. senator compared the actions of the Obama Administration to those of a Mexican drug cartel in regards to the way $400 million in cash was sent to Iran.

During an interview with Fox News, Senator Tom Cotton called out Obama’s way of delivering the money.

“I think it’s really shocking to most Americans that the United States government was acting like a drug cartel,” Cotton said. “Stacking cash on a pallet and wrapping it in cellophane and flying it in an unmarked aircraft to give to the world’s worst state-sponsored terrorism.”

Cotton’s slamming of the cash payment comes after multiple reports point to the money being a ransom payment for the release of four Americans. Breitbart News previously quoted Cotton calling the cash payment a ransom to the Ayatollah’s. The Obama administration has denied the ransom allegations claiming the money was payment from a previous arrangement with Iran.

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