‘The Snake Man’ Captures Deadly King Cobra Near Texas Schools

King Cobra captured
Photo: Twitter Video Screenshot/Jose Ramariz

The hunt for a deadly King Cobra snake slithered to an end when “the snake man” captured him in a grassy field near three Texas schools.

Clint Pustejovsky tamed the deadly snake and safely stuffed it into a bag being held by a nervous assistant, KTRK reported on Wednesday afternoon. “The most venomous snake capture I’ve ever had by far,” Pustejovsky, also known to friends as “the snake man,” told ABC’s Kevin Quinn.

A massive snakehunt was carried out on Wednesday as law enforcement officials feared the snake might make its way to one of three nearby Needville, Texas, schools, Breitbart Texas reported. It appears the snake did not make its way in that direction as it was found nearly two miles from the high school, middle school, and junior high school.

Jose Rameriz recorded the video of the capture that was then tweeted out by Quinn.

Pustejovsky seemed relieved that he was the one who had found it. He said this is the deadliest snake he has ever captured.

The snake’s owner could not explain how the snake escaped from the locked cage in his barn. “I usually use hooks. I double check everything. Lock them. All the cages are locked. She just happened to break through,” Jared Zellars explained.

Law enforcement officials said Zellars had all of the necessary permits to keep, breed, and sell venomous snakes. He stated he purchased the snake two years ago from a friend who had imported it from Indonesia.

One concerned neighbor told Quinn, “I got every gun I got loaded up.”

Zellars apologized to the neighbors for creating alarm about the snake. While the deadly cobras can grow up to 18 feet in length, this female cobra was only 8 feet long – little comfort to those who had to search for and capture the snake.

Pustejovsky called the situation “scary” said it would have been dangerous if the wrong people encountered the cobra, Quinn wrote.

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