Protesters Huddle in Austin for Trump Vote

File Photo: Bob Price/Breitbart Texas
Austin, TX

ASSOCIATED PRESS — Demonstrators are gathering outside the Texas Capitol in hopes of persuading more than three dozen Republican electors to cast their ballot for someone other than President-elect Donald Trump.

A spokeswoman for Secretary of State Carlos Cascos on Monday accepted a box containing what organizers say are about 265,000 signatures from people opposed to a Trump presidency. But even several demonstrators outside weren’t optimistic about changing the outcome of last month’s election.

Among them was 78-year-old Jim Nelson, who held a sign that read “The Popular Vote Matters.” Democrat Hillary Clinton lost despite getting 2.6 million more votes nationwide.

Trump won Texas’ 38 electoral votes by nine percentage points. One Texas elector doesn’t plan voting for Trump, but an Associated Press survey of other electors found little displeasure with the businessman.

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