Children Burned in Mexican Fireworks Market Treated in Texas

Fireworks Explosion 2
Courtesy Mexican Red Cross
Galveston, TX

Several children who were badly burned in a massive fireworks market explosion will receive medical treatment in Galveston, Texas.

As Breitbart Texas reported, earlier this week a massive chain of explosions killed dozens of people at a fireworks supermarket in the town of Tultepec, State of Mexico. Initially, Breitbart Texas had reported 27 victims dying from at the explosion, that figure as since jumped to 31 as authorities continue tending to more than 72 burn victims. Authorities still continue searching through the rubble in an attempt to locate dozens who remain missing.

Initially, three children were going to be sent to hospitals in Texas that specialize in caring for burn victims, information provided to Breitbart Texas by the State of Mexico revealed. That number has increased to seven as medical personnel continue caring for the victims in Mexico.

Tultepec is a Mexican community near Mexico City where the artisan production and sale of fireworks is its main industry.

Tony Aranda is a contributor for Breitbart Texas.