WEBSTER: Houston Leftists Seek Paid ‘Eco-Hero’ Activists on Craigslist

AP Photo
Houston, TX

HOUSTON, Texas — The Democrat Party and financiers like George Soros are quick to remind the public that there are no paid protesters or Astro-turfed activists. Relax, they would never do that. They are as organic as the dust in their dreadlocks.

And while you’re relaxing, please ignore a recent Houston Craigslist job ad with a headline that reads (emphasis original), “TAKE DOWN POLLUTION: BE AN ECO HERO & GET PAID”. All CAPSLOCK—which is how you know they are serious.

What does this paying gig entail?  For $425 a week, you can join the Eco-hero squad full-time. They will train you to be a “campaign organizer” so you can devout your entire life to Eco-hero work.

Don’t have time for a full time job? For $255, you can work part time.

For hundreds of dollars per week protesting, applicants must:

[P]ossess strong communication skills and a genuine commitment to the environment, to progressive politics and the vision of a just and equitable society.

The gig also comes with benefits:

Opportunities for travel throughout Texas and the U.S., including national and regional conferences. Two weeks paid vacation per year, paid holidays and sick days. Medical, dental, and vision insurance coverage.

To sign up, log on to Texas Campaign for the Environment for an application.

Despite so many leftists suggesting there are no paid protesters supporting causes for their side of the aisle, the website features links to several articles about demonstrations organized by the group at places like Walgreen’s, Dollar General, and Spectrum Brand’s general office.

The “About” section on the website says they spread their Eco-hero message by “canvassing”.

Canvassing generally means door-to-door and man-on-the-corner appeals for money and signatures.

So they get paid to annoy people?  And they use the money they raise to organize protests?  Got it.

Being an eco-hero does not sound very heroic. Or impactful.

Ken Webster, Jr. is the host of Pursuit of Happiness Radio.