Kenneth Webster: Texas is Incentivizing You to Drop Gasoline

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From Ken Webster, Jr. and Sandra Peterson via KPRC-Houston:

If you live in Texas and listen to our radio show, there’s a good chance you or someone you know is a career employee of the energy industry.  If you’ve made a career out of working in the oil and gas field, we don’t blame you.  Even at times when the industry has been at a low (which it recently was) it’s still a highly profitable field filled with promising job opportunities.  Plus, you get to play with cool machines and stuff!

According to most reports, almost a half a million Texans have jobs specifically in the oil and gas industry and even more work in the general energy industry or related fields.  Since Houston, the biggest city in Texas, is considered the energy capitol of the world, that’s a heck of a lotta employees who own at least one pair of cowboy boots! And considering how much money this state generates from petroleum, you’d think we’d want to do anything we can to help allow that industry to flourish.

But if you thought that, you’d be wrong.

From the news bin of information that doesn’t make any sense, we’ve just learned Texas is currently taking applications for a $2,500 incentive to buy electric and hybrid vehicles.  The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality has a new program (approved last year) which is intended to promote the use of cars that aren’t gasoline fueled.  If you own an electric or hybrid vehicle, the state will cut you a check up to $5000 for eligible candidates.

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