Ed Schultz: There Isn't 'Any Violence, Anywhere, from Anybody on the Left'

Ed Schultz is no stranger to making inane comments about the right and being blindly apologetic for the left. But as we get closer to election day, and the left’s heads are exploding, Ed Schultz (along with the rest of the left) seem to be going off the deep end even more than usual. On Wednesday Ed Schultz made the claim that there isn’t “any violence, anywhere, from anybody on the left” and declared “stop giving me this crap that it’s on both sides!”

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Audio here.

There “isn’t any violence” on the left because the left ignores the violence that happens to the right.

The left ignored the assault on the Rand Paul supporter at the same event that Schultz is referencing.

The left ignored Bill Rice having his finger bitten off at a town hall meeting by an MoveOn.org thug.

The left ignored when a Republican staffer and Iraqi War veteran had hot coffee poured down his back by Democratic gubernatorial candidate supporter (who later returned to the man to make an obscene gesture).

The left ignored the man being punched in the face with a camera by leftist thugs at a gubernatorial debate.

The left ignored the Martha Coakley thugs who roughed up a reporter.

The left has been mum about the choking of a conservative reporter by a MoveOn.org crazy.

[youtube k23zO8aV-KU nolink]

The hypocrisy continues: While conservatives are expected at every turn to denounce any unsavory or inane action of someone who might have an “R” behind their name, leftists are rarely, if ever held to that same standard. It’s always a “given” that any violence committed by someone having leftist ties isn’t representative of the institutional left’s views. However, according to Chris Matthews, acts of violence by those on the “right” are the inherent views of the conservatives manifesting themselves in physical form.

Ed Schultz and the rest of MSNBC conveniently ignore the violence of the left. At this stage, it’s make-or-break for the left. Every possible maneuver to paint the right as violent extremists must be initiated. Violence against any activist or reporter should never be tolerated. But it seems that the left is okay with ignoring violence as long as it doesn’t happen to one of their own.