Speaker Boehner Versus His Opposition: The Press

Quite an unbelievable exchange took place today in Boehner’s press conference. Can you imagine if we saw this press with Nancy Pelosi?

[youtube 7jgI7d8TKxQ nolink]

The press is pounding the drum that the repeal will fail in the Senate, almost as a way to give confidence to those remaining vulnerable Democrats like Sen. Claire McCasikill.

Only in Washington does spending a trillion dollars save money. It’s like screwing for chastity.

At 2:46 in Boehner gives a lesson on the CBO to a reporter who finally got a chance to ask a tough question after the past two years. Why did these reporters never press Pelosi and Reid on the infamous Doc Fix, the provision yanked from the HCR bill just prior to CBO scoring – but when Paul Ryan queried the CBO to tally the bill with the provision, the CBO admitted that indeed, it would add to the deficit? You never hear progressives giving any lip service to that second report.


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