NBC Has a Problem: Are David Gregory and Chris Matthews Racist?

My friend Tony Katz came up with the brilliant term “racer,” the definition of which is someone who dishonestly accuses someone else of racism for political advantage. If you watch the clip below of this Sunday’s “Meet the Press,” you’ll see David Gregory attempting to be a racer, but in the process he only ends up exposing his own bigotry:


What kind of person hears “food stamps” and automatically thinks “Black people”?

Well, that would be a bigot.

As we saw with the dishonest racer attacks on Donald Trump, Obama’s MSM Palace Guards intend to Alisnky any potential threat to their precious President with coordinated journ-o-list narratives designed to take these individual threats down one-by-one with phony charges of racism. This tactic is also designed to silence and chill criticism of the President through the use of racial McCarthyism. David Gregory knows that the record number of people on food stamps under this failed president is a devastating narrative and so, as one of Obama’s Chief Palace Guards, his job is to make sure that narrative doesn’t take hold. His problem, however, is that facts are facts, so all he can do is holler racism.

What happened, though, is that in the process of Alinskying Gingrich, David Gregory outsmarted himself and exposed his own bigotry. Worse still, on national television, he not only furthered a racist stereotype, he legitimized it. Tell me, what’s the difference between a redneck or the host of “Meet the Press” using as a political bludgeon a weapon falsely labeled “food stamps = Black people”? There is none.

Newsflash David Gregory, Joan Walsh and Roger Ebert: Not everyone or even a majority of the record number of people currently on food stamps in this country are Black. This might also shock you, but Caucasians like yourselves are also on the dole. The three of you might want to get together and try some soul-searching.

Which brings me to Chris Matthews…

Like David Gregory, in the clip below, what Matthews wants to be here is a racer, but in the process (again, like Gregory) he only ends up exposing his own bigotry:


To Chris Matthews, Detroit equals a particular skin color; a failed city equals a skin color that’s not his own. Why?

Detroit’s problems have nothing to do with race and everything to do with failed government.

Matthews equating a failed city to a particular skin color is not only perpetuating the very worst kind of racist stereotype, it’s factually wrong. Anytime Chris or Joan want to come out to Los Angeles, I’d be happy to take them on a tour of Ladera Heights (drinks and dinner on me — bring Ebert!). Maybe a good hard look at the “Black Beverly Hills” will convince these “progressives” that “failed city” doesn’t equal “Black city.”

Nothing reveals more about someone’s character more than how they behave in a desperate situation, and in their desperation to protect Obama, we are learning a lot about the likes of David Gregory, Joan Walsh, and Chris Matthews.

And when you watch the rest of the MSM continue to intentionally ignore Herman Cain, you will learn a whole lot more. Because that’s the other part of the MSM’s sinister agenda. Gregory and Matthews and Politico’s Ben Smith and all the rest of Obama’s operatives know that nothing takes the oxygen out of the room like hurling the charge of racism. So what better way to deep-six our ideas and criticisms of Obama than by sucking all the air out of the room? They know that no matter how foolish the racial charge or how well our side responds, that this is the moment that becomes the story. Newt can be brilliant for every other second he sits with Gregory, but by dropping the race-bomb Gregory knows no one will remember or talk about how brilliant Newt was. All they’ll remember is the racial nonsense and this effectively kills any chance someone on our side has to get their message out there.

It’s all part of the plan.

These are bad people not dumb people.


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