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'Primetime Propaganda': To Protect Hollywood, MSM Focuses on 'Sesame Street'


Personally, I found Ben Shapiro’s book brilliant, well-researched, insightful, and even a page turner. What Ben’s written is a serious, scholarly work that makes a damning case against the Hollywood Left with facts, figures, history, and dozens of interviews. Nothing the MSM is doing to dismiss it, however, is at all surprising. We knew they would find a way to ignore the research and cover up for Hollywood. This is what the MSM does. This is how the MSM operates. Frog and the scorpion — especially when it comes to the water-carrying entertainment media.

And so, for the most part, what we’ve seen from the corrupt MSM since the release of “Primetime Propaganda” is Sesame Street, Sesame Street, Sesame Street… Or equally dismissive headlines that snark something along the lines of: “Hollywood Liberals Admit Liberals Run Hollywood.” Pushing a one-sided political agenda over the public airwaves is not a story. Some of the biggest names in television admitting conservatives are belittled and discriminated against … not a story.


Two pages about Sesame Street are isolated and mocked — two pages out of a 355 page work that contains literally dozens of explosive interviews with some of television’s biggest names. Here’s the latest example:


Is it just me, or is Martin Bashir a “Saturday Night Live” character who doesn’t know he’s a “Saturday Night Live” character? Did he really say Fox News?

But Bashir is not alone with the nonsense. Here’s a peek at how journOlism works.

When something arrives on the scene that’s inconvenient to the MSM’s worldview — whether it’s “Primetime Propaganda” or Sarah Palin — the MSM seizes control of the narrative by focusing on whatever they can to make this inconvenience sound ridiculous, evil, stupid, racist or worse. Alinsky 101. This way, instead of writing proper headlines about top execs admitting conservatives have a harder time getting work in television based on the kind of open ideological discrimination Big Hollywood’s been calling attention to and documenting for over two years now, they can make it sound as though Shapiro’s book is some crazy right-wing attack on Big Bird.

Not only has Shapiro documented dozens of audio interviews that prove Leftists at every level of scripted television have hijacked the public airwaves for their own political purposes, he also makes a revelatory case that network execs have been lying to advertisers for years about which age-demographic television shows should appeal to. According to Shapiro’s research, it’s not the young, liberal, 18-49 crowd who have the most purchasing power in this country, it’s the older more conservative, retired types. But liberal artists and television execs want to make liberal shows so they flim-flam advertisers into believing their money is best spent attracting young viewers who desire cutting edge, left-leaning programming.

See how that works?

If that’s true, that revelation would not only be one of the biggest entertainment stories of the year, it would be one of the biggest and most successful con-jobs in business history.

But the MSM isn’t interested in whether or not that’s true. In fact, they’re probably afraid that it is. So … Sesame Street.

Finally, I want to congratulate Ben on his superb work and urge you to pick up a copy of “Primetime Propaganda.” You’re also going to be hearing a lot more about it on Big Hollywood in the coming weeks.

It’s not as though we didn’t expect to have to do the MSM’s job for them.


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