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Credit Where It's Due: Patterico Leads Charge On Weiner "Underage" Contact


If you needed more proof that citizen media has encompassed traditional outlets (even after the Breitbart presser ownage and NYT and WaPo crowd-sourcing the Palin emails) look no further than the diligent sleuthing of Patterico.

Patterico has led the charge with facts and objectivity in reporting the latest Weinergate development: the possibility that Congressman Weiner privately conversed with minors. Patterico was unafraid to report the facts of the matter when the progressive media was still recoiling after chastising the conservative new media for even acknowledging #Weinergate. Now these same outlets are rushing to catch up to the latest in this “underage” development.

The Telegraph gave him credit for running down the story and other outlets should, too.


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