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Rachel Maddow Blames Weiner Fall On Media Double Standard


Maddow last night blamed Anthony Weiner’s fall on media’s double standard for Democrats.

In reality, it was the media – and many in the progressive new media – who rushed to Weiner’s defense when the first photo surfaced. It was the media who ignored the story and who attacked the messengers, claiming that they did everything from hack Weiner’s social media accounts to suggesting that they set up the congressman – everything but acknowledge the obvious, what he finally admitted, which was that he did it all to himself.

Maddow brings up disgraced David Vitter and other Republicans whose immoral judgment is on par with that of Weiner’s; the problem is that no one on the right, and especially no one in the media, defended these individuals and most importantly: these individuals didn’t repeatedly lie to the media every chance they got. He sought them out to lie to them, even. He called press conferences where he lied to their faces.

It was Dana Bash and Bash’s producer, Ted “Jackass” [via Weiner] Barrett, who changed the narrative from lie to truth, as Andrew Breitbart explains here:

There is a double standard, that of a media that ignores all other impropriety in this administration except when the buzz from new media makes it such that ignoring it is no longer an option. There is a double standard when you have a media that spends more time poring over Sarah Palin’s 24,000 emails than a 2,000+ page health care bill. What we learned in this is that even the MSM has its limits and being made out to be fools is one of them.

Kudos to those in the MSM who broke away from the gang and sought this story out, reported the facts, and through their objectivity vindicated the new media journalists who first plainly reported on what they saw.


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