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Progressive Media Narrative Unravels in Prosser vs. Bradley


New details are coming to light regarding the incident between Wisconsin Supreme Court Justices David Prosser and Ann Walsh Bradley. The investigations are still being conducted, but if the news out of is accurate, some Leftist smear merchants might want to start drafting corrections (and maybe even apologies).

According to one witness, Bradley charged toward Prosser, shaking her clenched fist in his face. Another source says they were “literally nose to nose.” Prosser then put his hands up to push her away. As one source pointed out, if a man wants to push a woman who is facing him, he wouldn’t push her in the chest (unless he wants to face an entirely different criminal charge). Consequently, Prosser put his hands on Bradley’s shoulders to push her away, and in doing so, made contact with her neck.

At that moment, another justice approached Bradley from behind and pulled her away from Prosser, saying, “Stop it, Ann, this isn’t like you.” Bradley then shouted, “I was choked!” Another justice present replied, “You were not choked.” In a statement following the incident, Bradley maintained Prosser “put his hands around my neck in anger in a chokehold.”

As previously noted, blogger, Karoli, couldn’t “imagine” how Prosser’s hands could wind up near Bradley’s neck. Can she can “imagine” it now? Is Eric Boehlert reconsidering his position given the new information? Or is he going to pretend there’s only one possible scenario and continue to attack anyone who doesn’t follow along?

But wait! There’s more:

On Monday night, Bradley called Capitol Police Chief Charles Tubbs to talk to him about the incident. On the morning of Wednesday, June 15, Tubbs joined the justices in a closed-door meeting, where he discussed “issues relating to workplace violence.”During the meeting, Chief Justice Abrahamson actually reenacted the incident on Chief Tubbs — no doubt an amusing sight, as the diminutive Abrahamson mimicked choking the tall, portly police chief. During her demonstration, Abrahamson emphasized that Prosser had exerted “pressure” on Bradley’s throat.

“There was no pressure,” interrupted the justice who had initially broken up the incident between Bradley and Prosser. “That’s only because you broke us apart,” shot back Bradley. This exchange led several meeting attendees to believe Bradley was making up the charge, as they took her rejoinder as an admission that there was no pressure applied to her neck.

You read that correctly. A fellow Justice (unnamed) refuted Bradley’s claim, to her face, in front of the Capitol Police Chief, and she basically admitted there was no pressure applied to her neck because “you broke us apart.”

Basically, her position is now: “He would have choked me if someone hadn’t broken us apart.” Of course, those who really hope Bradley isn’t making things up will completely ignore that in order to “break” anyone apart, there had to be something to “break” apart. Ignoring this fact is critical or they can’t also ignore that Prosser has claimed he was reacting to Bradley getting all up in his kitchen. The smear merchants have to protect the narrative – Prosser assaulted Bradley. Facts like the ones above do not move that narrative forward therefore they are dismissed.

To sum up:

  • Bradley approached Prosser and was nose to nose with him while shaking a clenched fist at him.
  • When Prosser reacted to her threatening posture, Bradley claimed she was choked.
  • A fellow Justice (or two) has twice stated Bradley wasn’t choked – once at the time of the altercation, and another during the re-enactment in front of the Capitol Police Chief.

Speculation: When this is over, Bradley is probably going to be forced to resign.

We will continue to monitor the news for anything new. Stay tuned …


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