MMfA PROPAGANDA WATCH: Media Matters Manufactures A "Right Wing Media" Controversy


When Media Matters can’t find evidence of any “right wing media misinformation” – you know, the stuff that they’re supposed to be correcting which affords them the ability to claim tax-exemption – they do the next best thing: They make stuff up.

At around 3pm Eastern on Monday, July 11th – a few hours after both President Obama and Speaker Boehner had both concluded press conferences signaling they were meeting to continue the negotiations – the Soros-funded smear factory posted an article titled, “Right-Wing Media Figures Pushed Boehner To Abandon Talks.”

Prominent media conservatives such as Sarah Palin and Rush Limbaugh have been pressuring House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) not to accept a $4 trillion debt deal that would stave off economic catastrophe by allowing Congress to raise the debt ceiling and prevent the government from defaulting on its obligations. On July 9, these conservatives met success, as Boehner abandoned negotiations aimed at a $4 trillion debt deal.

According to Media Matters, Boehner abandoned the talks – which continued Sunday and Monday – because “right-wing media figures” like Sarah Palin and Rush Limbaugh pressured him. The obvious problem with the headline and opening paragraph is the problematic fact that the talks are still ongoing and Boehner has abandoned nothing. Ignoring this reality, the slime merchants proceed to rattle off numerous instances where the “right-wing media” have said Boehner and the GOP should stand firm on not raising taxes, etc. The only evidence this “research” piece provides to back up its claim is an article from that only refers to “pressure from the right,” not “conservative media figures.”

House Speaker John Boehner, under pressure from the right and facing resistance from his own deputies, backed away Saturday from a bold $4 trillion deficit-reduction package that he once hoped would resolve the August debt ceiling crisis and give a shot in the arm to a lagging economy.

It takes a little bit of creativity to go from that Politico article to “Right-Wing Media Figures Pushed Boehner To Abandon Talks,” doesn’t it? There’s no conservative misinformation being fact-checked. Their statement isn’t even true. Clearly, Boehner is getting pressure to hold the line at these negotiations. For some reason, that’s not okay with Media Matters. It’s almost as if they have a problem with that whole “democratic process” thing. Heaven forbid the people who put Boehner in office and put him in the Speaker’s chair (aka “the right”) voice their concerns through any channels available to them so he knows what they want.

It could be they are so used to being told what to think that they have no concept of people freely expressing their demands to their representatives. That’s what happens when your existence is based on attacking whoever David Brock decides should be attacked at any given moment. It’s a little sad, really. They’re drones.

Correction: Tax-payer subsidized drones.


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