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SHOCKER (Not): Politico 'Reporter' Takes Democratic Party Job


The good news is that Politico’s Andy Barr is now going to work out in the open against Palin and the Right, as opposed to what he’s been doing since 2008, and that’s the exact same thing at Politico under the failed disguise of an objective journalist. One wonders if all he had to do in order to get his Democratic Party job was either staple his Politico work to the application or simply write “I work for Politico” when asked for a list of experience in promoting the Leftist cause.

Peas in a pod

The Daily Caller reports:

A Politico reporter who often penned stories about Sarah Palin and other Republicans has quit journalism to work with the Democratic Party in Arizona, sources tell The Daily Caller.

That reporter, Andy Barr, has covered national politics for the publication since 2008. Barr leaving to help elect Democrats will likely fan the flames of critics who say Politico has a liberal bias.

The transgressions of the “journalist” Andy Barr are too many to mention, but my personal favorite (and there are many) is when he covered (up) one of Governor Palin’s finest moments — her grand slam of a speech in Madison, WI last April — and twisted what was the sharpest and most devastating critique of President Obama and his failed policies I’ve seen yet, into ONLY a “withering critique of congressional Republicans.”

It was a remarkable piece of propaganda-by-omission on Barr’s part, a way to protect the President by ignoring Palin’s criticism — with a side order of “Republican infighting” for dessert. A few lines aimed at her own party, the rest of the speech aimed at a failed president, but if you’re foolish enough to get your news from Politico, Barr was making sure you didn’t get the news he didn’t want you to get.

My second favorite Barr example is probably the most revealing about the Democratic operative personally. In May, Governor Palin gave a detailed outline of her foreign policy vision at small college in Lakewood, Colorado. In order to avoid reporting on the full context of Palin’s impressive, detailed, well-received and very serious speech, the Politico reporter seemed more perplexed by the small town venue and the kind of small town folks he apparently finds somewhat alien.

Barr’s own words:

The speech – held in a cozy, small college basketball gym – had the feel of a pep rally, exemplified by the auction-style fundraiser held minutes before Palin took the stage. And while the audience clearly adored her, it was an odd setting for one of Palin’s most detailed statements of policy yet. Only a few hundred people came to Colorado Christian University just outside Denver to hear her speak – and those who did seemed more interested in Palin’s platitudes than policy. …

The small crowd didn’t even completely fill the bleachers. And though the event was ostensibly a celebration of the troops, it felt more like a B-list conservative gathering – replete with booths for little-recognized social conservative groups, iconic imagery of Ronald Reagan, and of course dozens of copies of Palin’s two books. One of the small university’s music instructors had prepared an original trumpet composition to commemorate Palin’s visit. And the National Anthem was sung by what could have been a barbershop quartet were it not for the odd variances in octave.

The other painfully noticeable aspect of the crowd was the advanced age of the attendees, especially given that Palin was speaking on a college campus.

Much more here.

Good luck and good riddance, but the real problem here isn’t Barr, it’s Politico — the most dishonest, agenda-driven, and biased outlet on the Internet. The Politico environment built up over the last five years is such that it’s become the perfect home for a future Democratic party operative wanting to grab a perch where objectivity can be used as a weapon to further the Leftist cause.

And as we can see on a daily basis from the likes of Mike — who’s Anthony Weiner? — Allen, Ben —tanning bed— Smith, Jonathan —investigate private citizens— Martin, and Ken —savage Palin’s family— Vogel, the entire “journ-o-listing” disgrace that is Politico has a long way to go before their ethical enema is complete.


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