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Quote of the Day


Via The Anchoress:

It looks like he knew he was going to commit a crime that would bring him lasting infamy, and he wanted to prepare for the fame.

I need to find out when those pictures were taking [sic]. It wouldn’t surprise me at all to learn that he made sure he had pretty pictures for the press. We live in a media-savvy age where everybody wants to be a star. Everyone wants to be “special.” Is that partly what this evil is all about? [my emphasis]

We at Big Journalism are not going to speculate, as we saw the media do in the wake of the Tucson tragedy, over the beliefs of the Norway butcher. We know little about his beliefs aside from what the media insists they are, though I’m sure as more information and Internet activity becomes available, we’ll slowly begin piecing together the psyche of the murderer. We do know that he only recently created a Facebook and Twitter account and has been active for some time on Nazi forums and, without a doubt, is crazy.

Unlike those who irresponsibly use the platform of journalism to push an agenda, we’d prefer to do our due diligence in researching who this killer was and saying prayers for, and offering condolences to, the families whose suffering outweighs the partisan fight some in the media are itching to start. Please don’t politicize a tragedy.


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