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MMfA PROPAGANDA WATCH: Angelo Carusone Manufactures Racism At FoxNews


Angelo Carusone was an amateur boycott organizer who gained the attention of Media Matters executives for his efforts as StopBeck on Twitter. Then he became a professional boycotter whose job was to harass Beck’s advertisers, many of whom caved to the astroturf pressure. The Fox-obsessed brass at Media Matters then gave Carusone a larger target and launched the Drop Fox initiative – applying the same harassment tactics to advertisers across all Fox News shows – which promptly fell flat within days of announcing its first target: Orbitz.

You’d think Carusone would have learned his lesson about making outlandish accusations, but it turns out he hasn’t. On Friday, July 22nd, someone at FoxNation posted an excerpt of a FoxNews article and used this headline: “Angry Obama Lashes Out After Boehner Cuts Him Out of Debt Talks.” It should be noted that the FoxNews article did not have the same headline.

Carusone saw the headline and sent out a tweet that proves more about his own prejudices than it does about anyone else’s.

Only someone who sees everything through the prism of race – and who gets paid to “expose” Fox’s all around evilness to its advertisers – could possible make the comment Carusone did. The angry black man alarm? Alarm? I’ll give him some credit. He avoided the overused “dog whistle” term. That was getting old. But the charge is the same. Carusone is suggesting, not even subtly, that FoxNews is trying to appeal to some kind of latent stereotype that resides in the heart of all “right wingers.” It’s nonsense. He has obviously been unable to find anything better to back up his preconceived and inaccurate notions about Fox and simply made one up. Sadder still, as of this writing at least 20 people have retweeted (new-style retweets – no idea how many copied and pasted or “old-style” retweeted it) the comment.

Obama was angry. That’s not me, the evil “right winger”, saying it, either. Many people said it. In fact, many “left wingers” said it. Where they sounding the angry black man alarm too?

We’ll start with the right wing hate factory of record, the New York Times:

A visibly angry President Obama, in a hastily scheduled White House news conference, demanded that Congressional leaders come to the White House on Saturday morning.

Oh my! Racists at the New York Times sounding the alarm! Maybe that didn’t count because the word “angry” in the headline. You know, like this headline in that other hotbed of conservative hate, The New Republic:

The Debt Ceiling Debate: Obama Is Finally Angry

Oh. Em. Gee. Angry black man alarm! Dog whistles going off all over the place! Can you hear them? (Now you’re supposed to nod quietly and think to yourself, “I knew it. Obama is an angry black man.” or something similar, in case you were wondering.) But TNR wasn’t done pounding that bell:

Barack Obama has had enough. That’s all one can say after Friday’s press conference, where Obama was angry and energetic. He was unabashedly partisan and unapologetically annoyed.

All these subliminal messages are making me a little dizzy. Angry, partisan, annoyed. It’s all too much. So I decided to go find some nice, calm, government-funded coverage of the presser for some unbiased commentary. I clicked on over to Voice of America and…

Angry Obama Says House Republicans Walked Away From Deal

*Spit take* What? They’re alarm-ringing racists there too! At Voice of America?

Appearing in the White House briefing room with only a few minutes warning late Friday, a visibly angry and frustrated president said he had received a phone call just 30 minutes earlier from House Speaker Republican John Boehner.

It’s worse! It’s an angry and frustrated black man alarm! Oh the humanity! We’re surrounded by racists everywhere! Why or how did Angelo miss all these other examples of obvious racism?

The answer is simple. His job is to manufacture examples of racism, homophobia, and other things which he and his employer will fraudulently cite when they harass Fox’s advertisers. It’s straight out of the playbook Alinsky. It’s astroturf. Unfortunately, it is also subsidized by US taxpayers.

It’s disgusting.

It is also worth pointing out that these professional liars, Carusone is merely one of many, are treated as credible guests on MSNBC and appear regularly there to allegedly inform their viewers about what the evil Fox News is up to. They’re never challenged on scurrilous charges like this laughable “angry black man alarm” idiocy. The hosts on these shows simply let them lie or, as we’ve noted before, more often opt to use Media Matters as it’s research staff and repeat the lies nearly verbatim.

Media Matters manufactures the propaganda and MSNBC, which considers itself part of the Democrat “establishment”, broadcasts it to its audience. Doesn’t this mean Media Matters is part of the Democrat establishment, too? 501(c)(3)? Really?


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