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MSNBC Is A Joke: Anchor Suggests Murdoch Pie Attack Was Staged


MSNBC’s credibility has been taking a nose-dive ever since they openly admitted they are the “progressive” news channel (i.e. new “Lean Forward” branding). I mean, it has always leaned left, but it is really leaning left recently. They’ve gone all-in and now the place is literally a joke. It’s the de facto news network of the Progressive caucus in Washington, DC.


As part of the institutional Left, MSNBC is also engaged in the anti-Murdoch crusade. FoxNews pummels them daily in the ratings and their hatred of News Corp is on par with the official “weapon” against the Murdoch conglomerate: Media Matters. MSNBC has given up on trying to compete with Fox with better, more widely appealing content, they’ve conceded that fight. Now they just focus on parroting leftist talking points and promoting any anti-Fox / anti-Murdoch story anyone can dream up.

I don’t even know who that guy is and after that display of lunacy, I didn’t bother trying to find out. It really doesn’t matter. What does matter is that this guy was allowed to be that crazy on a major cable news station and no one thought to cut the feed and check him into the nearest mental hospital?

When someone starts off saying “I’m not a conspiracy theorist, but …” you know with whom you’re dealing? A conspiracy theorist. This one happens to think that someone, I’m not even sure who, allowed a deranged Leftist comedian to enter a committee room with a pie tin and shaving cream because they thought allowing said deranged Leftist to throw a pie in the face of an 80 year-old man would make people feel sorry for the 80 year-old man and love his young Asian wife.

You know, because there wasn’t a chance that startling an 80 year-old man like that could lead to a heart attack or something. And this nutty theory would also assume that someone who wanted to make Murdoch look good knew there would be a deranged Leftist comedian planning to throw a shaving cream pie in Murdoch’s face. This person, or group of people, would also have had enough warning that they could convince security guards and all kinds of other people to let this guy into the committee room to do his deed. And somehow, Wendi Murdoch knew about it and was prepared to smack the punk in the face when he came after her husband.

MSNBC has gone off the deep end. They’re a joke. And it’s not even a really funny one.


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