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New Video Suggests Media Matters Ignored Facts In Attempt to Smear Breitbart, Cover Up Pigford Fraud


This morning, Big Government posted video from an event at the National Press Club at which Faya Rose Touré (formerly Rose Sanders), an attorney from the $2.7 billion Pigford “black farmers” discrimination settlement, revealed major flaws in the claims process. Her statements support previous reporting by Big Government and Big Journalism–reporting which Media Matters ruthlessly and wrongly attacked as false.

At the same press conference, the New Black Panther Party (NBPP) and the Nation of Islam (NOI) joined in a barrage of racist, antisemitic, and homophobic rhetoric that went unreported by the mainstream media, though the event took place within their very own clubhouse.

Press Release for Pigford Press Conference

The newly released video confirms much of what Pigford’s critics have been saying, destroying previous attempts by George Soros’s Big Labor-funded minions at Media Matters to hide the truth.

From Breitbart media’s earliest reporting on the Pigford settlement, Media Matters began recklessly hurling accusations of racism, and lying about Andrew Breitbart and others’ writing about the issue, while discounting facts now shown to be correct.

In hindsight, that appears to have been an orchestrated effort to suppress the truth behind Pigford and potentially keep the scandal from surfacing in mainstream media outlets.

It is an effort that has failed.

For example, Media Matters tried to dispel any link between Pigford and the New Black Panther Party (“Race-baiting confluence: On Breitbart site, Adams links Pigford to New Black Panthers“).

In fact, as confirmed in video here, the NBPP has linked itself to the Pigford scandal. Any mainstream journalist can now verify that fact, assuming they are interested in accurately reporting an event held within their own press club.

Other early Media Matters attacks attempted to blame Breitbart media and Rush Limbaugh for injecting the concept of “reparations” into the Pigford scandal:

Conservative Media Scream “Reparations” in USDA Discrimination Case (December 06, 2010)

Rush mocks unemployment benefits: “Just plug them in there on that Pigford lawsuit … and give ’em reparations” (December 08, 2010)

In fact, neither Andrew Breitbart nor Rush Limbaugh injected the concept of “reparations” into the now newly reignited Pigford scandal, as Media Matters falsely portrayed.

Newly released video documents that the concept of “reparations” was invoked by would-be perpetrators of fraud; the scheme was even pitched in black churches across the South.

What Big Government and other sites were trying to do was report the truth. Meanwhile, Media Matters embarked on a slash-and-burn style propaganda effort to silence the reports and perhaps dissuade other journalists from picking up on the story.

That’s not journalism–it’s intimidation, attempted character assassination, and suppression of potentially significant reports of government fraud. And as those who have followed the story know, that fraud could easily damage legitimate claims by black farmers fully deserving of due compensation to right past wrongs.

Media matters previously has claimed Breitbart and Big Government’s reporting was thinly sourced and disguised to cover it up. However, as new videos clearly document (as will others in our possession), there were and are ample sources for legitimate charges of fraud. Some of those sources include Pigford proponents themselves.

Not only is the fraud no longer in doubt, nor a secret, but it also could, in fact, have been news developed within the confines of the National Press Club, had any members of the press elected to report it.

The basis of Media Matters’ various assaults on Breitbart media for reporting the Pigford scandal has consisted of nothing more than charges of race-baiting, racism, and shoddy journalism. What is now clear is that our reporting on Pigford was driven by reasonable suspicions based upon facts, documents, and interviews, while the attacks coming this way from Media Matters were sheer slash-and-burn propaganda, full of smears and distortions having nothing whatsoever to do with exposing the truth.


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