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Responding To Mediaite's Trumped Up Attack On My Romney Remarks


You would think that such a self-styled reporter and arbitrator of all things “yellow journalism” like Tommy Christopher would have gone to the trouble of reaching out for a quote when writing his latest hit piece. Of course, this is the same “reporter” who used anonymous teenage girls as sources for such a down-the-rabbit-hole story on me and others, it kills brain cells to deconstruct without the benefit of alcohol. It’s a shame they didn’t listen to my past podcasts where I expounded on this Romney issue even more.

Today on my show I addressed Christopher’s silly hit piece. I haven’t bothered reading his yet, as he bravely waited until I was on air before publishing so I couldn’t immediately respond, but his prejudice against me is predictable so I don’t feel the need.

[youtube sGMRJbXufoQ nolink]

Next time, Tommy, put in the due diligence of reaching out to your targets so you can avoid missing the “scoop” on such an easy answer in the future. I have a pretty fast turnaround on email responses! Embarrassing.


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