Tomorrow on This Week: Does Christiane Amanpour Challenge Nancy Pelosi's Thoroughly Discredited Tea Party Smear?


The video below is apparently a preview of “This Week With Christiane Amanpour,” and while we won’t see the entire interview until it broadcasts tomorrow morning, from what we do see it looks as though Nancy Pelosi, the instigator of the Great Tea Party Smear of 2010, is once again allowed by the corrupt MSM to get away with trotting out this thoroughly debunked anti-Tea Party trope:

“I didn’t hear [Eric Cantor] saying anything when the tea party was demonstrating — actually spitting on members of congress right here in the Capitol.”

The Tea Party spitting on members of Congress never happened. [And Cantor did condemn Tea Party “epithets” at the time, though those accusations were also disproved. – JP] Pelosi knows it. Amanpour knows it.

But who knows? Like I said, that’s just a preview and maybe in the full interview Amanpour challenges the hell out of Pelosi for trying to get away with floating the spitting fairy tale … again. And maybe a unicorn will bring me my coffee with those little muffins I like with the walnuts.

First, a little context and background…

In late March of 2010, after using a number of procedural tricks to jam ObamaCare down the throats of the American people, Pelosi attempted to change this narrative by grabbing a big old gavel for a quick jaunt through a sea of peaceful Tea Partiers who had gathered to protest the passage of the heath care bill. It’s common knowledge that the then-Speaker of the House could’ve easily avoided antagonizing this group by taking another route to her destination, but the obvious idea was to paint a smug, screw-you grin on her face and attempt to create an incident that would abruptly change the subject from this wildly unpopular legislation to the villainous Tea Party’s behavior. In one fell swoop, Democrats and their media allies were hoping to socialize medicine and destroy a growing grassroots citizens’ movement.

Unfortunately for all those involved, the Tea Party didn’t take the bait and just let her walk on by without uttering anything more than “kill the bill.” But little setbacks like reality never stop the Left, so her fellow travelers — Rep Andre Carson (D-IN), Rep. Emanuel Cleaver (D-MO), and Rep. John Lewis (D-GA) — just made a bunch of stuff up after their own incident-free stroll down Tea Party Lane.

On top of falsely claiming they had been called the N-word “at least 15 times” (it didn’t happen once), Cleaver claimed he had been spit on. However, the truth is that none of this happened. Not only is there a ton of video evidence proving none of this happened, but spitting on a Congressman is a crime and so it’s unimaginable Cleaver wouldn’t press charges… and yet he didn’t.

But guess what Cleaver did do after people began to question his story? He completely walked back the smear by claiming he had never reported any kind of spitting incident.

Flash-forward to Amanpour’s interview with Pelosi that will air tomorrow, and you have to ask yourself what in the world Pelosi’s talking about when she says:

I didn’t hear [Eric Cantor] saying anything when the tea party was demonstrating — actually spitting on members of congress right here in the Capitol.

There are two things going on here. First, you have this thoroughly astro-turfed Occupy Wall Street movement in process, and it has been everything the MSM falsely accused of the Tea Party of being. There’s been violence, hundreds of arrests, and on the very day Pelosi speaks so warmly of this movement, we’ve been gifted with the photograph that will become the symbol of these occupiers:

So obviously, what Pelosi is attempting to do here is create an equivalence for public defecation and hundreds of arrests with… spitting… that never happened. That’s all she’s got — a lie.

The second thing going on is the complicity of the media. On behalf of Their Precious One, ABC News, Amanpour, and the whole herd of Obama Media Palace Guards intend to prop up Occupy Wall Street (for reasons I detail here) and, in the most insidious way possible — allowing Pelosi to tell the spitting lie all matter-of-fact so they can paint the Tea Party in the most negative light imaginable without saying a word themselves.

Pelosi knows what she’s saying isn’t true.

And unless we’re in for a big surprise tomorrow, Amanpour lets her get away with it.

This is all about re-electing a failed president, and what we’re seeing with this Occupy Wall Street astro-turf, the media coverage of it, and the endless repeating of provable lies about the Tea Party movement is nothing more than Democrats and their MSM allies moving their chess pieces into place.


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