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Whoopi Goldberg Repeats False Tea Party Smear Re-Kindled By Pelosi


In case you were wondering if “The View” views the Democrat memo, wonder no more.

“They’re at the White House, they’re all over the country. But I just think it’s very, very strange when people say ‘you know, this group is doing this, this group is doing that.’ When we’ve criticized the Tea Party when they spit on people that were going in to their work. It’s very different than putting your hand up and saying ‘you know, stop taking a ga-billion dollars and throw some of that money because cause you’re not putting any jobs out there,'” Whoopi Goldberg says on “The View.”

Whether out of dishonesty, or simple-minded ignorance, Goldberg’s nonsense is just the latest instance of the Left’s mouthing of the Big Lie. Nancy Pelosi re-ignited the false attack over the weekend on ABC. Behold the echo chamber. Both should retract and apologize.

Sunday on ABC”s “This Week” Nancy Pelosi shamelessly repeated the debunked lie that the tea party “spit” on congressmen during the walk to sign the health care law in spring of 2010. The thing is, Pelosi’s story never happened.


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