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Tonight's GOP Debate: Will MSM Continue Their Racially-Charged Attacks On Herman Cain's 'Blackness'?


If you’ve been analyzing how the MSM has approached the coverage of our candidates and potential candidates over the past few years, you should probably start worrying about what the Washington Post — the co-sponsor of tonight’s GOP debate — might have in store for our new (according to some polls) frontrunner, Herman Cain. Whenever we have any kind of rising star who isn’t Mitt Romney, the MSM targets them for destruction. Palin and Bachmann are just two examples, but the most recent and glaring has been Texas Governor Rick Perry.


I’m not going to sit here and pretend Perry isn’t his own worst political enemy, but even if he wasn’t, there’s no question the Governor’s been targeted by the MSM for political assassination. In the debates Perry’s participated in thus far, we’ve seen CNN, Politico, and MSNBC moderators do everything in their power to turn the entire night against him. Batting clean-up, though, was the Washington Post, who last week Sunday savaged Perry with lies of commission and innuendo that embroiled him in a racially-charged debate that in a just world never would have seen the light of day.

And who knows how much better Perry would’ve fared over the last month had he not been targeted?

The MSM’s plan is simple: Obama can’t get re-elected on his failed record so one-by-one every GOP threat must be taken out using any lie, rumor, or distraction necessary.

So knowing what we know, what can we expect at tonight’s debate?

The moderators are PBS’s Charlie Rose, the Washington Post’s Karen Tumulty, and Bloomberg’s Julianna Goldman. For those of you who don’t know, Charlie Rose doesn’t believe there’s a liberal bias in the press, meet Karen Tumulty, and Julianna Goldman is married to … David Schuster.

Make what you want of that information, but I suspect we’ll see some effort put into asking the kinds of questions meant to take Perry out for good. But I also suspect it’s Herman Cain who will spend an inordinate amount of time in the crosshairs. And based on what we’ve seen from the MSM already, it could get ugly.

Keep in mind that much of the track for the most devastating anti-Cain narrative thus far has already been laid. MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell floated the trial balloon, CNN’s Candy Crowley ran with it over the weekend, and now the proven racial demagogues at the Washington Post have a high-profile evening all set up where they can take one more run at questioning Herman Cain’s “blackness.”

If the moderators go this route, however, don’t expect them to be brazen about it. That would just backfire. What they’ll be looking to do is simply light a match under Cain. From there, over the next week or so, the MSM will fan flames and really get the fire roaring.


What the MSM has always done is set phony narrative traps for conservatives and then stick to them — sometimes for years — at all costs. What they’re doing is waiting for the target to step into and confirm this narrative. Because when they do that, the target is usually damaged permanently.

For years, the MSM called Dan Quayle dumb. Then he spelled potato wrong. For years the MSM attempted to paint George H.W. Bush as an out of touch elitist. Then he asked an innocent question about a grocery store scanner. Need I mention Katrina?

So the obvious idea is to float this phony narrative that Herman Cain isn’t really “black.” And by doing so the MSM intends to undermine, and distract Cain. But what they really hope is that through some careless word or act, Cain will fulfill that narrative and do great damage to himself.


Cain is a five-alarm threat to the Left and their MSM allies. If he attracts Black votes, he can destroy their base and with a failed president in the White House, he takes away the one hope Obama has for a second term: the ruthless and cynical use of the Race Card.

Left-wing comedians, O’Donnell, and Crowley started this unholy crusade, and tomorrow night’s debate is another opportunity for the MSM to move this insidious ball further up the field.


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