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Dem. Official Ousted for Using Racial Slur to Describe Black Kids, AP Fails to Identify His Party


So here you have some public official caught on film casually using the word “nigger” to describe black children, he’s forced to resign as county commissioner, and this is all the information the Associated Press passes along:

WEDOWEE, Alabama — A county commissioner from east Alabama has resigned after being videotaped using a racial slur to describe black children.

Birmingham television station WBRC reports that longtime Randolph County Commissioner Thomas “June” Waldrep submitted his resignation on Tuesday. In a letter, the 80-year-old Waldrop apologized for anything he said that was offensive.

A video posted on Youtube shows Waldrep repeatedly using a racial slur to refer to black children attending a Boys and Girls Club. Waldrep doesn’t seem to know he is being recorded in the video.

In his resignation, Waldrep says he hopes his actions through the years spoke louder than his words.

Gee, isn’t something missing?

And it’s not a fluke, either, because you can read various versions of the story here, here, and here and there’s still a little something missing. In fact, after a good faith search on my part, this something that’s missing couldn’t be found in any news story on the Web. We had to confirm Waldrep was a Democrat through a Lexis/Nexis search.

And does anyone want to bet money that if this guy were a Republican this wouldn’t be a bigger story … especially when there’s video.

As a quick side note, I would just like to add that hearing some lowlife use the N-word is horrific enough in any context, but hearing it used casually like this puts a chill straight up my spine.


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