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NBC Nightly News Fails to Mention Democrat Opposition to Obama's Stimulus Jr.


Remember, Obama’s plan is to run against a do-nothing Congress and blame any second recession we might face on the fact that his jobs bill wasn’t passed by that do-nothing Congress:


Isn’t the fact that two Democratic Senators, Ben Nelson and Jon Tester, joined the Republican filibuster newsworthy?

And why aren’t those two Senators being celebrated across the media as brave mavericks? Why aren’t they all over television hailed as brave, independent thinkers? Where are the Newsweek covers, the “60 Minutes” profiles, and the Matt Lauer morning back-slaps?

I”m confused. Are you confused?

It used to be that when members of a president’s own party caused the death of a signature piece of legislation, the news media would be sure to point that out. However…

…that’s only newsworthy when a Republican President has a mutiny on his hands. After all, NBC News must be thinking, how will we help Obama in his crusade against a do-n0thing Congress if we tell the public that some of those do-nothing Congressmen are… Democrats?


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