Will Violence in NYC, Spitting On Coast Guard Member Wipe #OWS Smile Off MSM's Face?


The video below is pretty symbolic of what we’re seeing from the MSM as a whole, the very same MSM that reported on the absurdly peaceful tea party with seething hostility and contempt:


Well, there may only be a couple hundred cities in the world, but the real pull-quote there is, “And of course they are calling for the 1% of richest Americans to find more ways to help the 99%.”

Oh, how sweet and noble and innocent they all are.

One now wonders if the same national MSM that obsessed over Tea Party signs brought in by obvious infiltrators to aid the MSM in their crusade to smear the whole movement will find this treasure-trove of frightening astro-turf newsworthy, or the violence that broke in New York City this morning AFTER Mayor Bloomberg caved about cleaning the park, or this:


The problem with the media coverage, obviously, is that the MSM sees this movement as something that can turn out the vote for Obama in 2012 and offset the impact of the Tea Party. Regardless of the ongoing lawlessness, the hundreds of arrests, and what we’re seeing unfold today, Occupy Wall Street is useful to the MSM’s gameplan to ensure another term for President FailureTeleprompter. The Occupy movement also gives Obama’s Media Palace Guards reason to ignore the brewing Fast and Furious and Solyndra scandals.

This will get a lot worse before it gets better, and only if and when Occupy Wall Street is seen as damaging to Obama will the media start doing their jobs and reporting on this dangerous movement with anything approaching intellectual honesty.


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