CNN's Piers Morgan Doesn't Challenge Sean Penn's Racial Attack On Tea Party

Sean Penn launches into a bizarre, hateful race-baiting attack on the tea party, claiming we want to lynch “the N-word in the White House” and rather than challenge Penn’s hysterical and deliberate smear with the example of, say, HERMAN CAIN, Piers doubles-down on Penn’s point by bringing up Morgan Freeman’s similar statement of a few weeks ago.

Oh, well, Morgan Freeman agrees with you and Morgan Freeman has played God, so there you go…


This is the kind of shoddy yakking we expect from the openly Leftist extremists at MSNBC. CNN, however, likes to pose as some sober, down-the-middle, adult network, but that’s all it is — a pose.

Via Newsbusters:

Indeed, Piers Morgan’s program has become the place for celebrities to disparage the Tea Party. As recounted by NB’s Noel Sheppard, on the September 23 show, Morgan Freeman asserted the Tea Party’s attitude is “we’re going to do whatever we can to get this black man outta here.” The night before, actor Alan Cumming of The Good Wife, denounced the Tea Party as driven by “homophobia and racism.”

The only difference between MSNBC and CNN is that MSNBC doesn’t hide their agenda. CNN, on the other hand, does. Though, as we see in the clip above, not very well at times.


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