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MMFA Propaganda Watch: In Support of #OccupyWallStreet, Media Matters Suddenly Deaf To Dogwhistles


Remember when Media Matters was hyper-sensitive to anti-semitism? Shockingly, they’ve gone silent in response the latest wave of anti-semitism.

[youtube IMjm4LxFa1c nolink]

They once had to dig deep and literally create an allegation of anti-semitism against Glenn Beck. Of course, Beck’s only “crime” was that he was attacking Media Matters sugar-daddy, George Soros. You may not know this but George Soros is Jewish. The reality is Beck and others criticize Soros, not because he’s Jewish, but because he funds a vast array of Leftist organizations which support a cradle to grave entitlement society with which they–GASP!–disagree. Soros’s heritage has little to do with this criticism, but that didn’t stop the professional smear merchants from turning up their dog whistle detection devices.

Glenn Beck has repeatedly attacked financier and philanthropist George Soros with anti-Semitic stereotypes, referring to Soros as a “puppet master” and accusing him of controlling the media, the political process, and the global economy.

You’re probably scratching your head right now. If you’ve done any research into Soros, you know he openly admits to doing this stuff. It isn’t a secret, but Media Matters – funded by Soros – tries to make it seem as if these accusations are far-fetched in an attempt to build a case in which criticizing their benefactor is an anti-semitic attack. Attacking Soros on things he admits to doing isn’t anti-semitic. The attack is based on one individual’s actions not that individual’s heritage. Media Matters is tapping into a stereotype – i.e “Jews are evil bankers” – in order to paint Beck as an anti-semite. It’s a disgusting tactic.

So who has recently been accusing bankers of “controlling the media, the political process, and the global economy?” Answer – A “movement” Media Matters has given its full-throated support to: Occupy Wall Street. How did Media Matters miss the signal? Using their own methodology, Occupy Wall Street’s attack on bankers is “steeped in anti-semitic sterotypes” and you don’t even have to make it up. There’s video. Occupy Wall Street has people in it saying that Jews are part of a conspiracy which controls Wall Street and the world. There’s others saying they (this time Zionist Jews) should be run out of the country. There’s no need to read into what they’re saying, it’s right there. Yet, Media Matters says nothing.

It’s funny how they will do intellectual gymnastics to create a case of anti-semitism where it doesn’t exist and ignore the very obvious anti-semitic undertones of the Occupy Wall Street movement. In the Media Matters post, they claim it is anti-semitic to call Soros a puppet master. I don’t recall there being a historical link between puppet masters and Jewish people. Regardless, isn’t that what Occupy Wall Street is saying about all of Wall Street? I mean, isn’t it the entire basis for the movement’s existence?

Occupy Wall Street is protesting Wall Street “bankster” influence on pretty much everything. They’re even blaming Wall Street for their burdensome student loan debt – as if Wall Street sets tuition rates. How much more of a blanket conspiracy theory can there be? And if, according to Media Matters, that “bankster” and “puppet master” talk is coded anti-semitism, well, Occupy Wall Street is anti-semitic. It actually takes effort not to hear the dogwhistles. The American Nazi Party heard them, why hasn’t the hyper-sensitive Media Matters?

It’s simple: Media Matters is paid to ignore inconvenient truths.

They’ve pledged their support for a movement that is on the verge of going off the rails. The violence is escalating as the protesters realize they have no plan beyond protesting and having meetings to discuss the agenda of more meetings. Once the “up twinkles” and “down twinkles” have been counted, there still won’t be anything there. They don’t even believe in the political system that would be their only viable means of enacting change.

The Media Matters and Moveon.orgs of the world will distance themselves from the protesters when reality sets in. We won’t let them forget they fanned the flames.


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