Biden To Reporter: "Don't Screw Around With Me"


Vice President Joe Biden lashed out at Human Events’ Jason Mattera when Mattera asked Biden if he regretted threatening Americans with an increase in “rapes” if the GOP didn’t pass the jobs bill.

Biden did not finish the story and say that the reason the jobs bill didn’t pass in the Senate was due to a lack of Democratic support. The bigger question is why the majority party in the Senate can’t keep it together to pass a bill.

In the video, Biden squares up to Mattera and growls “Let’s get it straight, guy, don’t screw with me.” It’s rude, condescending, and unbecoming for the office of the Vice Presidency.

[youtube fxxotkX9ZOo nolink]

We so often hear “respect for the office,” but what is the recourse when the people actually holding the office demonstrate zero respect for it themselves?


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