Under Fire, The Washington Post Quietly Scrubs Their Marco Rubio Hit-Piece

Thanks to those stubborn things called facts, today it’s the Washington Post under fire, not the subject of their Thursday hit piece, Florida GOP Senator Marco Rubio.

And now the WaPo memory-holing has begun.

First, the Miami Herald came out swinging against WaPo’s embellishment of Rubio’s so-called embellishments, then the Senator himself hit back, then we learned the troubling back-story of the WaPo “reporter” who wrote the piece, and now the once-legendary newspaper has taken to quietly scrubbing the original story in order to make it look like something closer to the truth.

Here are the two opening paragraphs of the original WaPo story, which was re-published at Yahoo:

But today at the Washington Post’s own website, here’s what the story looks like:

How about that? Suddenly those so-called embellishments aren’t part of some “dramatic account” on Senator Rubio’s part. The difference might just be a few words, but those words make all the difference in the world. It’s also worth noting that I saw no editorial notes indicating any changes had been made to the original story.

On the off-chance that, for whatever reason, Yahoo might have printed a different account than the Washington Post, here’s a second piece of confirmation buried near the bottom of a Politico piece that published last night:

The Washington Post has been on a bizarre racial rampage against Republicans this month, starting in early October with this ginned up attack on Governor Rick Perry and ending (hopefully — it’s only the 22nd) with the hit piece on rising GOP superstar Rubio.

Race. Race. Race. And all of it is motivated by race and generated to protect Obama.

The Perry hit was designed to toxify the Texas Governor as a racist. The Rubio hit was designed to take down an attractive Hispanic Republican for fear he might be the 2012 vice presidential nominee and drain away enough Hispanic votes to make The MSM’s Precious One a one-termer.

With an assist from New Media, what a difference a day makes.


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