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CNN Finds 'Occupy Chicago' Protesters 'Fascinating to Watch'



130 Chicago Occupiers are arrested, the park is filthy, their obnoxious drums drive the neighbors nuts and yet you can sense the admiration from these two at CNN who are supposedly charged with covering the story. One actually finds them “fascinating to watch” as the Occupiers, among other things, try to decide when to cease their drumming in order to stop annoying the neighbors. Really? That’s something that requires putting on a Big Think? I guess our CNN correspondent finds watching the stupid and self-involved fascinating. If that’s the case, maybe he should spend more time in the newsroom.

The disconnect between the video segment and the news story it’s attached to at is even more “fascinating.”

Here’s the story:

Chicago police arrested 130 “Occupy Chicago” protesters overnight for allegedly being in the city’s Grant Park after hours, authorities said Sunday.

The crowd of protesters was estimated at more than 1,000 before police announced they had to vacate the area, said Officer Robert Perez, spokesman for Chicago police. Most of the protesters left and went across the street into a public area, he said, and the rest were arrested.

Those arrested were taken to police’s First District headquarters, he said. The majority were booked for staying at the park after hours and released on their own recognizance, Perez said.

Can you imagine the MSM’s hysteria if 130 arrests were made — if these kinds of city resources were required to handle anything involving the Tea Party?

And how many crimes are being committed, how many victims are there in the City of Chicago with that kind of law enforcement personnel distracted by a bunch of lazy crybabies unified over their selfish desire to have something for nothing.

Thanks to these smelly narcissists who are mostly looking for a Wall Street-style bail out of their own student loans, shootings in the City of New York are up 154%. But how frequently are you hearing that figure from your MSM?


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