In Just Six Days, Politico Published 90 Cain Stories; How Does That Compare to Other Scandals?


How much is too much? Politico broke the Cain sexual harassment story last Sunday night, launching organization wide coverage filling up a full week of heavy coverage on their scoop.

Since the scandal broke, the political reporting juggernaut has published at least 90 online stories on further developments and public reaction to the story.

That’s 90 stories in less than a week.

By contrast, according to a good faith count using Politico’s own search engine….

…there have been exactly two stories with the words “Rielle Hunter” in them not only during the time it mattered, the Year of our Lord 2008, but still months after John Edwards dropped out of the race.

…there were only 16 stories about Jeremiah Wright the week that bombshell dropped, and more than a few were favorable to Obama.

…there have been fewer than 40 total stories about Fast and Furious since that story broke months ago.

…there have been only 65 stories about Solyndra over the last six weeks.

…and there have been fewer than 30 stories surrounding anything involving the New Black Panther Party.

Need I go on? Must I make the gun smoke a little more?

I see a lot of people, even on our own side, defending Politico’s reporting of the Cain story. Well, that’s arguable to say the least, but can we all come together and at least agree that the punishment doesn’t fit the crime? Unnamed sources hurling unknown allegations from over a decade ago and Politico launches the story as though it’s “Watergate Two: The Reckoning” and does so quite intentionally on a Sunday night during a week when Cain has a number of high-profile appearances scheduled.

This isn’t delivering the news. This is a hit job, and the whole of the MSM is on board. And the hit job only doubled down a few minutes ago when one of Cain’s accusers refused to come forward and identify herself or even reveal the details behind her charges through her lawyer. Filled with arrogance and a complete disregard for truth, as a response Politico and others spun that refusal to talk through the JournoList Machine and declared it “confirmation” and the “breaking of silence.” What were have here is a full-blown feeding frenzy using a nothingburger for chum and yet through all the blood, ripped flesh and sharp teeth one fact remains: 90 stories later and we have no idea what Herman Cain was accused of. Nationals Review’s Jim Geraghty is factually correct with this headline: “With No Specifics to the Accusations, Herman Cain Wins This Fight,” but I’m afraid that Professor Jacobson might be correct when it comes to the reality:

Nice job Politico. You had second- and third-hand information from which you spun a tail of Herman Cain as an aggressor, you never even spoke to the original source, and now all we ever will know is your spin.

I don’t know if Cain is guilty of what he’s accused of. Hell, I don’t even know what he’s been accused of other than making a few women uncomfortable and what Politico themselves described as gestures of “a non-sexual nature.” What I do know are the facts I see above, and they all point to a coordinated attempt to take out another one of our candidates with an unprecedented media assault.

We need to remember that only the corrupt MSM can win Obama’s re-election, an that’s exactly what they intend to do. He’s a failed President with almost no chance unless his Media Palace Guards can take our candidates out one by one — and already Politico’s working on a new narrative smear against Rick Perry.

Politico and their MSM counterparts treat us like political enemies. Unless we want four more years of Obama, I suggest we return the favor.


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