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Dead Movement Walking: Top Ten New Media Moments That Brought Down #OccupyWallStreet


Now that they’ve officially been hung out to dry by both the elite media and the Left, Occupy Wall Street has apparently decided to die with a whimper instead of with dignity. Five lonely Occupiers in Chicago. Three in Indiana. And when that evil (not really) Rush Limbaugh makes an appearance in the very heart of Occupied territory, New York City, and only a dozen or so neo-hippie crybabies bother to show up, methinks that’s a death rattle I hear.

But you have to remember ’twas New Media that killed Obama’s astro-turfed, anti-American army of poopers, rapists, vandals, drug abusers and trespassers — and that without New Media the MSM would’ve gotten away with their evil (yes, really) master plan, which was to recreate the sixties’ anti-war movement. The whole of the MSM intended to give these Occupy degenerates the same oxygen they gave anti-war degenerates forty years ago. The worst people in the world would be spoon fed the encouragement and legitimacy required to spin them into something they are not. And all of this was going to be made possible through the covering up of a hundreds of sins both big and small.

The only problem for the MSM, though, is that this isn’t the sixties and, therefore, they no longer control every portal of mass communication. Thus, armed with our own cameras, the power to disseminate information without funneling through the media’s corrupt filter, and armed with THE TRUTH — video by photo by investigative report, Occupy collapsed under the exposed weight of their own hypocrisy, noxious beliefs, and craven misdeeds.

In the form of a victory lap, here are my top ten New Media moments:

10. The Copper-Pooper Photo That Went ‘Round the World

A moment captured on film frequently comes to define a movement. Just as the flag-raising at Iwo Jima defined WWII and one brave soul stopping a contingent of tanks defined Tienanmen Square, so will the Copper-Pooper Photo forever define Occupy Wall Street. Anarchy, depravity, incivility, and the utter pointlessness of it all captured forever.

The photo might have been snapped by the mainstream media, but it was New Media that wouldn’t and will never let it die.

9. #OccupyWallStreet Cult Chant: ‘You Can Have Sex With Animals’


Again and again, we were told the lie that Occupy was “just like the Tea Party,” a spontaneous grassroots uprising. But very early in the movement, this video went viral and told anyone with an IQ above room temperature that something was amiss at #OccupyStepford. This was our first glimpse at the real Occupy: drones, minions, dupes, and pathetic lost souls willing to do anything to conform and belong… including advocating sex with animals.

Another important thing happened with this video no one would’ve seen had Al Gore’s invention not made viral sensations possible and MSM coverups impossible. This initiated the ridicule of Occupy, and once your movement becomes a joke, it’s over before it begins. Twitter was invented for exactly this kind of thing, and if you go to the #OccupyWallStreet tag, you’ll see that the mockery is and has been one of the most potent slayers of Obama’s Army of the Pathetic.

8. #Occupy Trust Fund Baby


The original video went viral and Occupy was certain they had found their poster boy. Naturally, the MSM played right along, but unfortunately for them, it’s not their rodeo anymore. After it was discovered that this poor tortured soul was in fact Edward T. Hall III, a graduate of Columbia and a trust fund baby, Occupy and their media allies couldn’t get to the memory-hole fast enough.

7.New York Times’ Reporter Busted As #Occupy Activist, Supporter


As I said above, every movement requires a defining moment, and New Media’s movement to prove that Old Media was working as Occupy’s propaganda arm was crystallized for all the world to see with this original piece of reporting.

6. Anti-Defamation League Condemns #Occupy Anti-Semitism


The corrupt MSM’s favorite game during the rise of the Tea Party was to cry racism where there was none. Furthermore, the MSM gleefully spread defamatory and provable lies which they only corrected with about 1/1000th the effort they put into spreading them (if they corrected them at all). When it came to Occupy’s troubling and foundational anti-Semitism, however, the MSM not only refused to expose it, they went so far as to excuse it. A phony racist narrative wasn’t able to destroy the Tea Party, but exposing Occupy as more than a little tolerant and accepting of Jew hatred would do the burgeoning movement more damage than it could likely handle. Therefore, the MSM did everything in their power to cover it up.

Conservative New Media wouldn’t stand for it, though, and after some pressure was applied using something called facts, the ADL spoke out.

Though the corrupt MSM wouldn’t give the ADL statement even a hundredth the coverage they gave to the NAACP’s Tea Party lies, they were still obliged to cover it and yet another wheel came off the MSM’s phony Occupy narrative-wagon.

5. Exposure of #Occupy Sexual Assaults, Including Alleged Rape of a Deaf Man


As Americans, we’re all pretty willing to look past a little reefer smoking and some late-night drumming, but only the MSM and elected Democrats are willing to ignore report after report of one sexual assault after another. While those horrible people over at Politico were writing a hundred-plus stories about 15 year-old sexual harassment allegations against Herman Cain and the rest of the craven MSM was gleefully joining in the pile-on, actual rapes, gropes, and acts of public masturbation involving children were all but ignored.

Conservative New Media, however, actually is outraged by an organization tolerant of rape and child abuse, so we used every power at our disposal, and the truth got out.

4. #OccupyOakland Threatens Reporter With Physical Violence


This put to bed the lie the MSM was spreading about Occupiers being nothing more than a peaceful bunch of neo-hippies anguished over social injustice.

What New Media did here was what the MSM refused to do — take a local report and turn it a national news story. The above video clip was disseminated nationwide over the Intertubes and the effect was two-fold. First, it put a different face on the Occupiers, and secondly, it let the rest of the country know the MSM wasn’t telling them the full truth. “Why isn’t Brian Williams telling me this?” people asked. “Why am I only hearing about this online?”

Remember, any damage done to the MSM’s credibility is a blow against Occupy and a victory for America.

3. The ‘Kent State Moments’ That Collapsed Under New Media Scrutiny


Right in the middle of this video’s MSM world tour, New Media found the full video that showed an entirely different story. The police officers were, in fact, not beating defenseless Occupiers, they were acting in self-defense. Once New Media got the word out, another important part of the Left’s sinister plan collapsed. The idea, of course, was to recreate the sixties and look for that Kent State moment (as this blithering idiot suggested). Demonize the cops, victimize the protesters, and you got yourself a second wind.

What ended up happening, however, was just the opposite. Because the malicious editing of that video was exposed, Occupy and their media allies lost ever more credibility with the public, and every attempt afterward to gin up a Kent State moment was pretty much met with indifference.

The MSM gave it the old college try again, though, with the “infamous” pepper spray incident at UC Davis. This was the MSNBC meme for at least two days, until…


Nice try, MSM. But we’re all journalists now. We all have cameras, we all have Internet access with which to distribute our own reporting, and we have the truth.

You lose.

2. The Occupy Wall Street Rap Sheet

When it came to the Tea Party, the MSM would take a single incident — an outlandish sign, for example — and use it in an attempt to smear the entire movement. When it came to Occupy the media did the exact opposite. The MSM would dutifully report each criminal incident but just as dutifully make sure America never connected the dots that would define these degenerates for the thugs they really are.

New Media made this coverup impossible.

Through the power of Twitter, email, and crowd-sourcing, The Rap Sheet was created, and the dots were (and are) updated and connected on a daily basis for all of New Media to spread and the world to see.

1. ‘Crowdsource This’: Occupy’s Astro-turf Exposed In Massive Email Dump

There it was in black and white — the truth. This was no grassroots movement and it was about as spontaneous as a royal wedding. Without New Media, these documents would’ve lied there like a toxic dump our MSM Overlords never would’ve touched. But New Media was not only able to report on it, we were able to make every document available to every single online citizen.

Occupy’s most important narrative went up in smoke, and suddenly all the other pieces came together: the criminality, cult-like chanting, anti-Americanism, Marxism, anti-Semitism, sexual depravity and overall stench suddenly made perfect sense. This wasn’t some spontaneous movement generated by youthful idealism. This was the left, and this is who the left is.


By the hundreds, thousands and tens of thousands, citizen journalists took everything listed above (and more) and then went around the corrupt MSM in order to let the word go forth.

While the mainstream media told their lies and half-truths and chose whatever context would fit their pro-Occupy narrative, within seconds, real truths were emailed, posted on Facebook pages and blogs, tweeted and re-tweeted. With lightning speed, photographs and videos told the story the MSM attempted to cover up….

…and all of this was generated by We The People.

Old Media never had a chance.


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