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MSNBC Drops 'KKK' Distraction Bomb on Mitt Romney *UPDATED*


***UPDATE: A good six or seven hours after the report first aired, Chris Matthews apologized for MSNBC’s “bad judgment” in making this comparison.


Normally, I don’t concern myself too much with MSNBC. They’re an openly liberal network and therefore the least of our problems.

As I’ve mentioned before, though, MSNBC is useful to the rest of the left-wing media in how it floats narrative trial balloons designed to damage the right, and when one of those balloons floats successfully, the rest of the MSM knows they’re safe to run with it. Case in point, the nonsense you’ll see in the video above that has already turned into this.

A perfectly innocent moment on Romney’s part will, quite intentionally, be turned by the MSM into a one or two-day distraction until the former Massachusetts is forced to state the obvious.

This keeps Romney off message.

This keeps Romney on defense.

This allows the corrupt MSM to talk about something other than Obama’s failures and scandals.

This allows the MSM to talk about their favorite subject, this.

Currently, Drudge has “MSNBC PLAYS KLAN CARD” at the top of his page in bold, red font.

What the MSM is up to with this tactic matters.

The MSNBC anchor doing the reporting is Thomas Roberts, and I found it interesting that in his list of those the KKK opposes he didn’t bother to mention those awful pro-life Catholics and their Pope.

Guess we Catholics don’t qualify in the left-wing victimology hierarchy.

Fine by me.


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