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Fishbowl DC Threatens Retaliation Against The Bigs


Not long after my Friday piece ran that exposed FishBowl DC’s unbelievably nasty attack on the Daily Caller‘s Michelle Fields, Fishbowl DC started tweeting me. The person behind the tweets is editor Betsy Rothstein (I think this is her) and she seemed flabbergasted that I would interpret Peter Ogburn’s ugly and sexist attack against a conservative woman who had done absolutely nothing wrong as political:


There was more, but you get the picture. My reaction is two-fold:

1. For someone who runs one of those shallow, above-it-all, superior snark sites, Ms. Rothstein sure has a thin skin.

2. Crazy me for thinking that a venomous attack launched against a conservative by THE EXECUTIVE PRODUCER OF THE BILL PRESS RADIO SHOW is motivated by politics.

Whatever was I thinking?

Well, sometime in the middle of our weekend back and forth, Ms. Rothstein fired off this tweet to her 17,000-plus followers, which someone alerted me to this morning:


May I stop being scared now?

Instead of simply doing the right thing, offering Michelle Fields an apology and rethinking an editorial policy that would allow that kind of nastiness to publish in the first place, Ms. Rothstein has instead decided to act like a naughty, spoiled child who has been sent to her room and is now wishing that her parents get hit *sniff* by a *sniff* train.

Impotent rage is never attractive.


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