Politico Paints Eric Holder As The Compassionate Attorney General He Is!

The media will do anything to keep Eric Holder in a good light. Politico has a piece up about Mr. Holder’s statements on more police deaths. According to Politico the statistic jumped 13% in 2011 and Mr. Holder said it is “a devastating and unacceptable trend.” He blames them on illegal firearms.

Yes, the man who is in charge of the department that allowed 2,000 guns to be illegally bought and walked into Mexico — resulting in the deaths of 300 Mexican civilians and Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry — is upset about deaths caused by people using illegally purchased guns. Mr. Holder goes on to say:

“This is a devastating and unacceptable trend. Each of these deaths is a tragic reminder of the threats that law enforcement officers face each day,” Holder in a statement. “I want to assure the family members and loved ones who have mourned the loss of these heroes that we are responding to this year’s increased violence with renewed vigilance and will do everything within our power — and use every tool at our disposal — to keep our police officers safe.”

What a slap in the face to Brian Terry’s family. It wasn’t until Senator John Cornyn asked Mr. Holder if he apologized or expressed remorse to Mr. Terry’s family that Mr. Holder finally did say something to them. Ironically it was Politico (and the article was written by Tim Mak, author of this article) who leaked the apology to the public before Mr. Terry’s mother even had a chance to see and open it. It’s nice Mr. Holder is reassuring the family members of these fallen heroes, but why did it take so long for him to say something to Agent Terry’s family, especially since one of the guns from Operation Fast and Furious was used to murder Agent Terry?

But wait it gets better. Mr. Mak ends his article with this [bold my emphasis]:

For much of the past year, one fatality in particular has weighed heavily on Holder’s mind, that of U.S. Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry, whose December 2010 murder sparked interest and public investigations into the Justice Department’s botched Fast and Furious gun-walking program.

Again, Mr. Mak, if Mr. Holder is so bothered by Agent Terry’s death why did it take nearly a year after Agent Terry’s death for him to even say something to the Terry family, especially his parents? If Mr. Holder is so bothered by Agent Terry’s death why must Congress have to pull teeth to receive any information from the Department of Justice? Why is it whenever Mr. Holder talks or whenever the DOJ provides documents we’re left with more questions than answers?

I hope Politico is trying to get in touch with the Mr. Holder and the DOJ to ask them the questions I just did because it makes no sense why he would be bothered by these deaths & the illegal sale of guns, but doesn’t appear to care too much about Agent Terry & his own department illegally selling guns.


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